Gemini Five live at Rock The Night, Night Club at Stengade 30 in Copenhagen Denmark 2008

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Rock The Night, Night Club

Stengade 30



29/11 – 2008 

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Guest Contributor: Ulrika Henriksson

Pictures by: Anders Sandvall




The Swedish sleaze/metal act Gemini Five launches their excellent third album SEX, DRUGS, ANARCHY in early 2008. The bands guitarist Dany “Dee Dee” Douglas had left the band when we saw them and on guitar this night and on this short tour the band brought in their friend and the Crashdiet guitarist Martin Sweet. This particular show was the first the band did after the drop out by Douglas and the band had been forced to cancel all the shows before they kicked of the tour once again with the show that was held at Stengade 30 in downtown Copenhagen.


Rock The Night is a monthly club that was before held at the club/venue The Rock. For some reason the glam/sleaze club has now changed venue and this was one of the nights they run the club at Stengade 30. The club have varied between running the club at Stengade 30 and The Rock during 2008. And what a change of venue it was. Stengade 30 has nothing against The Rock. Mostly younger people and teenagers had come to see Stockholm’s finest sleaze act and the alcohol fumes could kill a buffalo. The opening acts were Pretty Wild and Vains Of Jenna. Why book so many acts? Why not only book Gemini Five and one support act. You only get tired of looking at bands you’re not interested in. Already outside in the line up to the club it was pretty clearl that we two were the oldest people there. We were there pretty early but it was still problems with getting in because the security hadn’t got the guest lists in yet. We were forced to wait for another 15 minutes before we could come in and it was freezing outside. Those things shouldn’t happen; the list ought to always be in the security’s hands when the venue is opening.

Stengade 30 consists of 3 floors with a bar at the top, the main stage in the middle and the toilets at the bottom. The place is very rough and has been worn and thorn by many people through the years. At 9 pm Pretty Wild on stage but we stood solid in await of the evenings main act Gemini Five. Pretty Wilds music was OK but it felt like the young members had been highly influenced by Guns ‘n’ Roses. We didn’t saw Vains Of Jenna at all, instead we ran into bass player Hot Rod in Gemini Five which was so kind to let us into the bands (all the three bands) dressing room to sign some pics and take some photos. Hot Rod was genuinely nice and friendly and took the time to talk to us which the rest of the band also did. He acted like every rock star should.


Gemini Five


There was no fence in front of the stage so we could stand really close to the band. The band kicked off the show with the song “I Am Hollow” which is taken from the new disc SEX, DRUGS, ANARCHY and it was like being overrun by a freaking train. The band was on the go from the very beginning and the pace was set to fast forward. It was the perfect opening and it gave a taste of what we could expect from Gemini Five this evening. The show continued with “Babylon Rockets” before they picked out another golden highlight from the new album in the excellent song “All Pistols”.






Singer and guitarist Tin Star stood in the middle of the small stage with Hot Rod on the right and the session guitarist Martin Sweet on his left. Drummer Slim Pete had two smaller back drops that hung beside his drums. Despite the narrow and limited place the members had to move around on they did their best to get the crowd going. And the young kids really grabbed their chance to come in close contact with their idols. Especially two young fans were up on stage on several occasions to sing a long with Sweet in the songs. “Automaticool” continued, The crowd did their absolute best to support Gemini Five and it looked like many Swedish fans had crossed the bridge just like us to see one of the finest sleaze acts that Sweden has produced during the past years. Not many glam/sleaze bands has had the tolerance or the ability to stand out during the past years but Gemini Five is a quality act that has stood the test of time and they sure deserves to be acknowledged for their stamina and great work.

“When the Body Speaks”, “Blood On The Bricks” and “TwentyFourSeven” followed and the crowd went totally crazy. And those songs closed the ordinary show. The young crowd screamed for more and after a short while the band came on stage once again to do the encores “Scream 4 Me” and “You Spin Me Round”, the last song is sadly enough the bands biggest hit which is really weird when they so many strong original songs of their own. Despite the fact that people jumped on to the stage during the final song didn’t the guard do anything. Yes, there was ONE single guard in front of the stage that was supposed to have control over a huge crowd. The amount of security staff in front of the stage needs to be increased, what if there would be an accident caused of too many people on stage?


All together the Gemini Five show lasted for about 50 minutes which was a bit short for our taste, we had really wanted to hear more from the band. But the guys did a fit and tight show and having Martin Sweet on session guitar was a smart move. If you haven’t discovered Gemini Five yet it’s about to now. Let’s make 2009 to the year of Gemini Five.





I’m pretty doubtful if the Rock The Night is gonna survive the move to Stengade 30. The venue isn’t good at all and I think that there are too much of a youth house feeling over the place. We’re gonna think twice of visiting Rock The Night in the future.





I Am Hollow

Babylon Rockets

All Pistols


Sex Drugs Anarchy

When The Body Speaks

Blood On The Bricks



Scream 4 Me

You Spin Me Round


A huge thanks to Gemini Five member Hot Rod for the help with the guest list this evening.


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