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Here is an interview with the band Destinity from France who have just released their latest CD called THE INSIDE. I had the pleasure to talk to the lead singer Mick who took the time to answer my questions.


Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Transcript by: Ulrika Henriksson

Thanks to Arne at Lifeforce Records for setting up this interview

Thanks to Lifeforce Records for the promo pictures of the band



 Your new album THE INSIDE was released earlier this year. What can you tell the readers about the album? When and where was it recorded and how long did it take for example?

This new album was recorded at Jacob Hansen studios in Denmark (Raunchy, Hatesphere, Illdisposed, Destruction, Maroon and more…) during 3 weeks.

It is a pure thrash/death metal album with a lot of brutality and melodies!

We are really happy with the production and with the work of LIFEFORCE RECORDS.

What are the lyrics about on the album and who writes the lyrics?

This album was a real therapy and it was the first time I wrote in a personal way! I wrote about many problems that I met these last months like subject as fear, illness and suffering or to see someone go away and you were so afraid to say a last goodbye! It was the first time I didn’t write in a fictive way and it is really excellent when I sing these fuckin’ lyrics on stage!

Which member writes the main material or do you write everything together?

Zephiros (guitars) one of the former members with Morteüs (his brother) and me is one of the songwriter at 80 % and he did an amazing work with this album! New members David (Bass) and Ponce (guitars) wrote some parts and 2 songs.

Each member can purpose a song but the arrangements are really a work with all members and Morteüs (Drums and keyboards) finally add some keyboards if it is necessary and especially on chorus. When everything is composed we record many demos in our home studio to be sure about all arrangements and to be better at the studio and of course to earn some time.

How come you chose to call the album THE INSIDE?

Our desire was to have an album name effective and easy to remember! The concept is based on the suffering of humans so it was easy to give the location of the problem!


How many songs did you originally write and was there many songs that didn’t make it on to the album. Did you have a lot of left over material?

Yes we work a lot with GUITAR PRO (guitar software) and we selected 10 songs of 16 songs.

You recorded the disc in Denmark in Hansen Studio with the famous producer Jacob Hansen. How was it to work with him and was he your first choice of producer?

We worked with Jacob Hansen in 2005 for the recording of SYNTHETIC EXISTENCE so it was not a big surprise for us. During the songwriting we directly understood that we need a different sound than the past! We looked for a sound much more modern and powerful as bands we listen with a powerful and raging clean sound and Jacob Hansen made an amazing work with THE INSIDE and it is probably due to our songwriting much more in his way!

What did you think of Denmark as a country?

We love this country! People are so nice and girls so pretty! Hehe…

Seriously we have a lot of friends now and it is a pleasure to go there sometimes!

Do you think you’re gonna use Hansen as producer on any of your future albums as well?

About the next recording we will probably change but I can’t say anything at this time but it will be a big surprise!!!


You first recorded the album in August of 2007 but it wasn’t released until early this year, why did it take you so long to get it out to the public?

We don’t know why… Probably business from labels but the release between France and the rest of the world was due to the signing of the license.

Does the cover art-work have any special meaning? What do you think of it?

This heart that bleeds into the cover refers to lyrics; there is a concept in itself.

The artist is a French guy called Felix Vincent! He is not so famous but we were looking for new ideas not so usual and Felix was the good person to work with.

How would you like to describe what kind of music Destinity plays?

DESTINITY plays a brutal Thrash / Death metal with a lot of melodic elements and we have a lot of Swedish influence. As we use to say, get compared to such good bands from Sweden is not big problem to us. Whatever, we never search to copy our sounds like them but we listen a lot of Swedish metal so of course its sounds like what we listen.

Your previous album was released 2005, what have you been up to in between releases?

We work a lot to improve new directions and we released a DVD to celebrate the 10 years of the band.



You have recorded three albums which only has been released in your own country France, why is it so?

Our first album was released on Adipocere records (A French Label Company) and just before the recording of the 4th and last album untitled THE INSIDE we signed with Rupture music (another French label company). Finally the story of this album is a bit different of what was expected! We only sent a copy of the album to LIFEFORCE RECORDS for a possible worldwide license and they sent us an excellent offer! A license of THE INSIDE + 2 albums. We are really enjoyed to work with them!


Has your label not got any distribution channels outside France, until now that is?

The distribution was not so excellent as today with LIFEFORCE RECORDS but you can find all albums worldwide or directly at the web store of Adipocere records.

Are your previous three albums available outside France?

All these albums were released on ADIPOCERE Records and you can found it with some distributors worldwide.

Are there any plans on release the three discs world wide at the moment?

At this time we don’t know exactly but probably soon… But we only want to release SYNTHETIC EXISTENCE released during 2005 because before it is not in our final way.

What do you think of the albums today? Are they as great as they were when they were released?

We are really proud of this recording! For all other there are bad and nice ideas.

How come you chose to sign on for Lifeforce Records?

As I told you before we sent a promo pack to them because we were thinking about license and we have a positive answer.


What’s it like to be signed on to Lifeforce Records? Do you think the label has done a good job with the album?

Yes of course! It is an excellent label with a nice roster and of course with a good promotion and distribution and we have a lot of feeling with them! We are really happy to work with LIFEFORCE RECORDS.

Has THE INSIDE been released world wide today?

THE INSIDE is available worldwide at this day.

Rupture Music has released the album in France, why haven’t Lifeforce Records done that?

We signed the license later and we signed an extra deal in the same time for next releases.


I have look to see Lifeforce Records out in the stores here and I can not find any at all. How is the distribution with your new label?

Normally the distribution is good but metalheads can buy it directly with distributors or directly to the web store of the label company or other web store as NUCLEAR BLAST for example.

THE INSIDE has also been released in USA and Canada, what does the media and fans think of the album over there?

We received a lot of interviews and amazing reviews everywhere and a lot from this country wait ‘n see… I don’t know exactly today because it is too short from the release.




It’s the first time that Destinity has been featured in with an interview; can you give the readers a little background info about the band?

DESTINITY was found in 1996 and we released 4 albums so we can’t say we are a newcomer band but we are not so famous in your country so we are a newcomer in a way and it is really exciting to present the band outside France today. Old albums was in a Black/Death metal way with a lot of orchestrations and it was released on Adipocere records (A French label company) and just before the recording of the 4th and last album untitled “THE INSIDE” we signed with Rupture music and then LIFEFORCE. We performed something near 230/250 concerts and 3 European tours and we hope to have a lot again soon as possible!

You have had quite a few member changes through the years, which members in the current line-up are original members?

I formed the band with MORTEÜS and his brother ZEPHIROS.

You have two lead vocalists, one that sings clean vocals and one who sings the more aggressive parts, that’s a bit unusual. Was the idea with having two singers something that you decided to have from the beginning or was it a decision you took along the way?

When MORTEÜS was a keyboarder he was the clean singer of the band too and on this new and last album we decided to mix it with my clean vocals (it is the first time I recorded vocals like that). I think we will continue to record like that and it is better on stage because he is playing drums and it is really hard for him.


Do the members have any special common musical idol or role model that they look up to?

Yes we listen same stuffs and we are totally fans of cult bands as SLAYER, KREATOR, … and a lot of cult band from your country as AT THE GATES, HYPOCRISY, ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, GRAVE and more…

The members in the band seem to have a lot of favorite bands that comes from my country Sweden like The Haunted, In Flames, Soilwork and Darkane. Have any of these bands had any stronger impact on you and your music?

Impact I don’t know but yes we are totally fans of some of your bands and these bands could influence a little bit our song and structure. All the time we are compare with a lot of Swedish bands as HYPOCRISY, ARCH ENEMY, THE HAUNTED and more but it is not a problem for us! It is a sign of quality and we prefer to be compared to all of these bands than a big shit! (Laughs).

Do you think that Destinity has gone through any musical development through out the years? If so in what way..

Of course the band has evolved through the years and it is better like that. We just found our way since 3 / 4 years and we are a pure thrash/death metal band now and I don’t think this will change!

You have mostly toured in France and the nearby countries; do you have any plans on going out on a longer European tour?

We toured a lot for THE INSIDE especially in France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands but we went in Austria, Slovenia too!

We will book an important European tour for the next release and Sweden will be on the road for sure!

Are you big in France and when you are out on tour are you the headline act or the support act?

In France we tour a lot as Headliner and we have a lot of fans but we prefer to support important concerts to have a much more important audience!

What’s the main difference between the French fans and foreign fans?

I think nothing except French metalheads are all the time on stage with stage diving! They are totally crazy but to be honest I prefer to have a hearing audience.

What’s the climate for extreme metal in France at the moment?

The climate is excellent here! With a good promotion we have a lot of metalheads in all concerts with a killer audience so everything is perfect.

You released a DVD in 2006. What can you tell us about that DVD?

It was a DVD dedicated to all our fans to celebrate 10 years of activities! There are a lot of old lives, road reports and a studio report at HANSEN STUDIOS for the recording of SYNTHETIC EXISTENCE.We negotiated with our label at the time to release a cheap DVD to thanks all fans and it was a good interesting product for all fans and it was really cheap.

You did a tour together with Dew-Scented and Severe Torture in Europe at the beginning of this year, how was that?

We have a lot of excellent memories and all the crew and band members were so nice!

An incredible tour! I have excellent stage memories of LEIPZIG and BERLIN but also in AUSTRIA and DENMARK and of course in France but it was much easier for DESTINITY.

People were excellent everywhere and a lot of them said it was a fuckin’ excellent discovering!

Do you think you’re gonna tour more next year?

As I told you before we will join an important European tour but it is so far away in time to tell more about so stay tuned!

When do you think you will enter the studio to record the next album?

We will record the next one this summer 2009 and we will announce the studio soon!

How active are the band and the members on myspace? What do you think of MySpace’s possibility to generate more fans to the band?

Myspace is excellent to promote a band! We work a lot on it and try to add news in time.

We have a lot of hits each day and a lot of messages from all over the world.

Why did you name the band Destinity? Were there any other name options in the beginning?

There is nothing special behind this strange band name! (Laughs). We created the band 12 years ago and we were really young. We did our best to find an enigmatic band name and mix a couple of words and finally we found this band name you know today!


Why have you toured so little in Scandinavia?

We haven’t a lot of contacts except in Denmark where we toured a lot but we will do our best to come much more on your stages soon as possible! All organizers can contact the band!

You have not played in USA and Canada yet is that something that you like to do?

Normally we will tour there for the next album because THE INSIDE was the first album well distributed in USA and Canada and it is really expensive to go there and tour so it is much more intelligent to wait a little bit and let the band name growing up.

So, I think that was all I got for this time, thanks a lot for taking the time to talk with me. Do you have any words of wisdom for the fans out there?

Stay fuckin’ Metal until your death!!! Thank you so much to you for your interview and interest with the band!

Finally, give the readers three awesome reasons why they should buy THE INSIDE?

Not so easy! Hehe…

So you have to buy it if:

– You like the mix of extreme Thrash/Death metal with melodic parts!!!

– You like the Swedish metal! (Laughs)

– And finally if you are a Swedish girl because we are 5 French lovers and we love all of you! (Laughs)

Good luck in the future and I hope to see you on a stage near me soon.

Thanks man, all the best.

Do not hesitate to visit our myspace! 3 songs of the new album are online!!!



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