Alice Cooper with special guests Econoline Crush

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Alice Cooper

with special guests Econoline Crush

Psycho Drama 2008 Tour

October 21st, 2008

Mile One Center, St. John’s, NL


Live Photos by Celtic Bob

As the torrential rain storm continued we entered the venue for what was to be an amazing night of music and performance. After some ‘issues’ with the venue’s media gate I ascended onto the floor area of the venue.

It was about 15 minutes before show openers Econoline Crush were to take the stage when I had to go back up to the box office to retrieve my camera. As the show began I scrambled to get a few shots and still enjoy my first time seeing fellow Canadians Econoline Crush perform. Much to my dismay the camera was on the fritz so the shots are at a minimum at best. Being only familiar with their latest offering IGNITE seeing and hearing them perform the first single “Dirty” at this close was very enjoyable. Singer Trevor Hurst looked like a possessed Billy Idol with his spiked blond hair. His presence on stage was quite energetic and you could easily tell he was having a blast performing here. Drummer Brent Fitz stood out as well with his heavy pounding that supplied Hurst with a steady groove to rock out to. Being an opening act their stage setup was minimal except for a couple of large album cover graphics. This mattered little as they came to rock the joint and that they did. During “Get Out Of My Way” everyone was on their feet and really getting into it by this point. While their core audience may not have been Cooper fans, and vice versa, they did however win over some people that night and gained new fans here on The Rock.

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This being my 5th Cooper show it has to be said that he never fails to deliver a spectacular performance each and every time. The tours are always different in some aspect and this year was no exception.

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After another ‘issue’ with the venues media personnel I enter the photo pit. The stage is now hidden behind a large backdrop with Alice Cooper written across it. As “It’s Hot Tonight” you could see a silhouette of Alice on the curtain and a second later another appears and confronts the first. As the curtain drops you see the fake Alice lying on the riser next to Eric’s drums and the real Alice standing. Alice descends the steps as he begins to sing. The show is now in full swing.

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For every tour it seems Alice pulls a slightly obscure song out of his vast catalogue for the long-time fans that aren’t here just to hear the ‘hits’. This time around it was the show’s opening number “It’s Hot Tonight”. They were all in top form and on top of their game that evening. The new addition to the Cooper camp since the last time seeing him is fellow Canuck, Jason Hook. The lead guitar spot is now held by Keri Kelli (Click here for on site interview earlier that day) who was here back in 2006 just after joining the band as 2nd guitarist. Keri made his presence known allot more this time around as he added an amazing amount of energy to the show. His playing really made an impression on the audience especially during the acoustic solo piece.

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Alice is a master performer and has it all down to a science. All his usual props were there including his trusty crutch and his cane. This time around he had a baby carriage which he preceded to stab the inside before proudly displaying the blood splattered Dead Baby much to the horror of the mother played by his own beautiful daughter Calico. Her onstage dancing and acting adds allot more theatrics to the show and gives the audience more than an eyeful of stunning visuals. This being an election year here in Canada and in the states it is only fitting that “Elected” be a big production. As the song begins Alice comes out with an American flag stuck in his hat and one on the back of his leather jacket. Then Jason walks out to great applause proudly holding up his guitar which is painted with the Canadian flag. As the song progresses Coop puts his hat on Keri who is wearing the ‘Canadian Exclusive’ Alice Cooper hockey jersey. In similar fashion to what he did back in 2004 out on stage come some American presidential candidates who begin to fight one another before getting broken up and making friends. They make up and get a little too friendly and Alice tells them “Not on my stage”. The stage is then flooded with people holding up signs for the election (of Cooper) for president. This would be a good choice for the US. He then introduces the band as well as his wife and 2 daughters who performed on stage as well. This was one real family show.

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Thanks to Michelle at Don Jones Productions.

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