Deathchain – Death Eternal

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Reviewed: December 2008
Released: 2008, Dynamic Arts Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Finland´s extreme metallers, Deathchain, have released 3 albums prior to their latest output DEATH ETERNAL, of which the band´s debut album DEADMEAT DISCIPLES (2003) and DEATHRASH ASSAULT (2005) can be considered the true classic albums from them. CULT OF DEATH, which was released last year, did quite not meet some vital targets music-wise that the fans had used to hear from them on their previous two albums.

In 2008 Deathchain offers up 9 new songs in DEATH ETERNAL, and…Well, the band´s first two albums still remain Deathchain´s true classic, cult albums. Since CULT OF DEATH, the band has started leaning heavily toward death metal´s direction even more and more, and kinda forgetting what the band´s original concept used to be in the beginning: An unholy matrimony between thrash and death metal (´deathrash´).

On DEATH ETERNAL Deathchain basically continues spreading their message of death and destruction on the same, devastating warpath where they left off on their previous album. A sort of ´Morbid Angel´ syndrome still dominates their song structures pretty strongly, which is kind of a pity because Deathchain were definitely at their best on the D.D. and D.A. albums; during the time when they relentlessly thrashed their hearts out with the skulls of death stamped faintly on each of their foreheads. However, I´m not saying DEATH ETERNAL sounds bad by any means or anything like that. In fact, the album does sound damn good – with all those heavy and dark riffs of Corpse and Cult, ghoulish shrieks of Deathchain´s vocalist K.J. Chaos, pounding and blistering drum attacks of Kassara – really setting the ground on fire on DEATH ETERNAL in a fine way. It´s really hard to resist liking a creepy and downright heavy song like “The Ancient and the Vile”, in which the guest vocals are done by a no less than legendary Antti ´The Throat of Death´ Boman (Demilich). His addition to the song makes it somehow more special – more spooky and spine-chilling, so to speak. Also, an epic and twisted anthem as “Incantations of Shub-Niggurath” is (also containing Antti´s vocal contribution), simply proves these death maestros can write epic and lengthy tunes that surely make the ground below our feet tremble even more.

DEATH ETERNAL is unquestionably the most varied and darkest Deathchain album they have made thus far, and I´m quite positive many death metal fans will surely love this. But still… Damn, just bring me back another DEADMEAT DISCIPLES or DEATHRASH ASSAULT next time, you Morbid Angel worshipping fuckers!


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Track Listing:
01. Titans of Black Earth
02. Sworn Beneath
03. Awaken… Horrors of this Earth
04. Plaguethrone
05. Song of Chaos and the Void
06. The Ancient and the Vile
07. Monolith of Death
08. Spheres of Blasphemy
09. Incantations of Shub-Niggurath

K.J. Khaos – Vocals
Corpse – Guitar
Cult – Guitar
Kuolio – Bass
Kassara – Drums