Sean Kelly – Christmas Guitar

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Sean Kelly

Christmas Guitar

2008, Opening Day Entertainment

Rating: 4.5/5

It was just one short year ago when Sean Kelly released his first classical guitar album entitled THE #1 CLASSICAL GUITAR ALBUM. Since that time he has earned respect from the classical music luminaries and has established a great working relationship with Yamaha guitars all the while playing shows with his band Crash Kelly and releasing a new album with them called ONE MORE HEART ATTACK. His latest offering is another classical guitar album entitled CHRISTMAS GUITAR and it is sure to warm your soul this holiday season.

Each and every song on here are timeless holiday staples that we hear over and over each year in countless variations. Sometimes jazz, sometimes blues or rock, sometimes it’s with big choirs or orchestras or….it is endless. What sets Sean’s album apart from the vast majority of seasonal albums out there on the market is the simplicity in structure in that is mostly just Sean and a classical guitar. It is this bare bones approach that adds to its charm and makes it a more special holiday album. Sean’s playing is clean and precise; you hear each and every pluck of the strings and even his fingers sliding up and down the fret board. Upon listening to this release you will know it is real and not comprised of massive studio overdubs. It sounds as though he is sitting in the same room playing away.

The best Christmas album you could ever own to listen to while being in front of a fire with that special someone sipping on a beverage of choice; be it a mug of hot cocoa or a glass of wine. A very nice collection of holiday music to soothe and satisfy the aching soul. CHRISTMAS GUITAR is the new traditional holiday favourite.