Watain / Nifelheim : Helsinki 2008

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This sort of line-up is without any doubts a dream come true for any black/death metal maniac. Two leading extreme metal bands out of Sweden conquering Finland had been anticipated for a while. Before these Swedes led the Finns into the abyss of damnation, both Spearhead and Impiety welcomed the audience to the limbo.



Long lines outside the venue were curled along on the street on a cold and rainy night for nearly 2 hours. This was nothing but an act of stupidity and lack of professional attitude from the security side of the venue. They at least need to improve the speed of the lines. Typical of calm Finns, no fights occured outside the venue, even though several people cursed the whole humiliating ordeal.

When finally inside, the English death metal combo, Spearhead, had already started. Most of the people had however made a direct path to the bar on the second level. Therefore only a few dozens were following the British on the floor level. The four piece spread a brutal lesson of nihilistic death metal. Unfortunately, their stuff has mostly remained unknown and the band hasn’t got much attention in Finland therefore there was no interest showed in the audience. However the band realized when being on the stage and didn’t turn to be the most activate. 

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The Singaporean barbaric war black metal horde’s cruel and brutal maelstorm was an extremly pleasant way to torture our hearing. The four piece gave us an extreme apocalyptic stage performance. The Singaporean war metal horde sounded brutal, nihilistic and cruel as hell. The monsterous bald frontman, Shyaithan, appeared to be a dominating frontman with the warlike commanding grip. The sadistic dominators’ uncompromising merciless barbarian metal sounded evil as hell and brutal as fuck.

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The black mass ritual of metal was followed up by the Swedish black metal horde Watain. They’ve seen an extreme boost since the latest effort saw the black of the night. The stage had got an entire new construction featuring chains and satanic symbols. The frontman Eric Danielssen with the grim evil looking corpse paints and ripped clothes looked extremely messy as well as a scary and apocalyptic sight on the stage. As for the set, it consisted of plenty killer tunes from SWORN TO THE DARK and of course these older cuts. The smell of incence filled up the venue creating the eccentric mystical feeling for sure. Even though Watain presents darkness and evilness, that didn’t prevent a young couple from having a more close and intimiate show with a blowjob right on the balcony! Despite these deviant lovers, it was nothing but darkness and death from beginning to end.

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Nifelheim led by the Grim twin brothers of darkness and evil whipped the audience with an umcompromising and merciless lesson of raw nihilistic black/death metal. The current line-up of Nifelheim works like battle artillery in action as both the Necrophobic members and the former Entombed skinmolester absolutly brought the needed evil sound to the final approach. It is obvious both twins are outspoken die-hard Iron Maiden fans to the bone, therefore they had dragged an Eddie of their own, hanging him in the backdrop construction, which definitely looks hilarious. Raging extreme black/death metal by Nifelheim stuck a nerve of each black soul in attendance.

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Witnessing both Watain and Nifelheim in one show was an utterly religious experience. If you get the opportunity to see them both on the same stage, do so, as these two killer black metal hordes together is not to be missed!