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Interviewed by Anders Sandvall

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This is an interview with the Canadian hardrock act Sarasin A.D. The band isn’t so well known outside the borders of North America and Canada so here is a little teaser about the band. The drummer Roger Banks had the courtesy to answer my questions. Enjoy! 


Hi Roger, hope you are doing alright. Are you ready take on my questions about your band Sarasin A.D? So, here we go. Let’s start about talking about your brand new album DAGGERS, LUST AND DISGUST that recently came out. What can you tell us about that album, what are the lyrics about? How long did it take to write the album and are you happy with the outcome?

Lyrics deal with every day situations including political views and social commentary, we wrote the album over a 9 month period, and we are quite proud of the outcome!

Who writes the lyrics in the band? And where does the album title come from? 

Phil does most of the lyrics and as above the titles come from various influences.

You recorded most of the album except for the drums in Empire Studio. Why did you record the drums in another studio?

The barn is a real cool place with great atmosphere, the drums sound great in that room so I try to use that venue as much as possible. We would have done the entire CD there but we simply did not have enough budget.

The album is produced by John Bianchini. What is he like as producer? What is his strongest feature as producer?

John is solid his greatest asset would be his ears and dedication to details.

Do you think that your older fans are gonna appreciate the new album? Does it sound anything like the older albums with Sarasin A.D?

The album doesn’t really sound like any other Sarasin recordings simply because this is the first recording with this line-up.

Who has done the cover art-work and what do you think of it? DO you think it represents the atmosphere of the album?

I found the artwork and as soon as I saw it I thought it represented the music well. It can be interpreted in many different ways I think the same way our music is.


Have you read any reviews regarding DAGGERS, LUST AND DISGUST? What has the media to say about the new output?

Overall it has had good reviews, but don’t really pay much attention to that stuff. As long as the fans dig it, that is all that matters!

Did you have a release party?

Yes, and we had a blast!

Do you have any particular favorite song on the album? If so which one?

Personally, “how will you be remembered after you have gone”. Great lyric and a real cool heavy groove.


I have searched the internet for some info about Sarasin A.D but there aren’t much written about the band, so could you tell us about the background of the band, when you first started out and so on?

Greg and Rob started the band 25 years ago, there have been lots of musicians come and go through the band, I believe upwards of 25!  They have released Cd’s in the past but this is the first European release!

Where does the band name come from and why do you only call yourself Sarasin in North America? 

Home is Hamilton and Toronto and we were told that there already was a band in Europe called Sarasin (but spelled differently) so to avoid confusion we were advised to change the name a little.

Have the band always had the same line-up?

As I mentioned definitely not, over 25 different players over the years only Greg and Rob remain constant.

And is Sarasin A.D a band or a project? 

It is a band; we work consistently in North America.

How many albums have you released so far? 

This is the first release with the current line up.

How do you think both the band and your music have developed through the years?

Much more mature but can hear the same influences.


The band has been around for about 24 years now, have you always been active or have you ever taken a brake or put the band on ice? 

The band has been fairly consistent over the years, talk about road warriors!!

Which one of your older albums do you like the most?

This is my first Sarasin CD.

Next year you’re celebrating 25 years as a band; do you have any special plans to celebrate that fact? 

Probably more of the same, gig, gig gig!  Would be great to celebrate with our first European tour!

Where in the world does Sarasin A.D has its biggest fanbase?

North America due to our constant performances.

Is it possible to buy your older albums in stores today? Or are they unavailable?

I believe unavailable.

What has the members been up to when the band was taking a break? 

Various projects, I play in a band called XXX SUBLIMATOR with Jim Gilmour from Saga, guitar guru Strat Andriotis and Tony Levin has played on some tracks with us. That is a heavy Rock band with prog influence; we just finished writing the final 3 tracks for the disc hoping for a early 09 release, Thanks for the shameless plug!!

Is there any major difference between your fans in Europe and your fans in America and Canada?

People all love good hard rock tunes, I have been to Europe in the past and must say that European audiences are much more supportive and eager to listen!

Who manages the bands website? Is it any of the members?

No we have a web manager that always seems to be a work in progress.

My bio focuses a lot on singer Phil Naro and what he has done in the past, does that bother you? Or is it OK for a member to take up more space than the rest of the band? 

Totally Fine, Phil is a great talent and deserves everything.

How would like to describe what kind of music Sarasin A.D plays?


Classic heavy rock inspired by Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden etc.

Do you think you always had stayed true to your music and your vision within the band?

I think so we write for ourselves and if we think it’s cool we go with it, so far I think that has worked!

Have you done many tours as headline act?

Mostly support act and we do headline clubs in our local scene,



You are signed to Artist Service/Music Buy Mail in Europe; do you have the same label in your country of Canada?

No currently shopping for distribution.

How did you got in touch with Artist Service/MBM?

They contacted us.

Were you without label for a long time?

Our entire career so far!

To what label were you signed to before AS/MBM?


You are also cooperating with the promotion company Artistworkxx, what do you think of them and their work?

They did what they promised so no complaints!

Are you happy with the work Artistworkxx has put into the album and promotion etc?

Yeah I think the delivered what they set out to do for us.


Do you see any problems in that your label isn’t based in Canada?

Not really I think more and more folks shop via the internet, making the world a small place.

Is DAGGERS, LUST AND DISGUST released worldwide?


For how many albums have you signed on for?


The future

Does the band have any plans on going out on a worldwide tour now that the album has been released?

It would be a fantasy but that takes dollars and CD sales and fan support so time will tell, although that would be our ultimate goal!

And are there any plans of re-releasing your older albums anytime soon?


When do you think Sarasin A.D are gonna return to the studio and record a new album? 

Possible early 09 into the studio for a fall release.

What are the plans for the members and the band during 2009?

Writing new material, and hopefully recording.

Could you give the readers three reasons why they should run out and buy the album?

Cool songs, Great energy, and fantastic performances!


Are there any plans on releasing a live DVD or live disc now that the band is gonna celebrate 25 years next year?  0

None, although a cool idea.

Well, I think that was all. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions and I wish you all the luck in the future. Do you have any final words of wisdom to the readers and fans?

Thanks as always for your interest and for the support, we hope to see you on the road soon!!

Take Care!


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