Monster Magnet – 4-Way Diablo European Tour KB in Malmoe Sweden

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Monster Magnet

4-Way Diablo European Tour




5/11 – 2008

 Review and pictures by Anders Sandvall




Monster Magnet performed at Malmoe’s hottest Club and concert hall this Wednesday evening so I had to go there to see what Dave Wyndorf and crew were up to. This was the second leg of their European tour and during the summer the band performed at several festivals across Europe. This evening the band was the headline act at KB. Monster Magnet is still out supporting their latest disc 4-WAY DIABLO that came out last year. The tour ends in the middle of December.

I arrived late to the venue but it didn’t really matter because I wasn’t interested in either of the support acts. I was there to see Monster Magnet. To my surprise I noticed that the venue had put up a fence in front of the stage which meant that I would have some pretty awesome pictures after the show had ended.  


Monster Magnet

Dave Wyndorf – lead vocals, guitar

Jim Bagliano – bass

Bob Pantella – drums

Ed Mundell – guitar

Phil Caivano – guitar


Phil Caivano wasn’t participating on 4-WAY DIABLO but he has been in the band earlier and was this evening an extra asset on guitar. The night kicked off with “Dopes To Infinity” that set the mood for the evening. The show quickly continued with “Crop Circle” before it was time to dust of the old hit “Powertrip”. It was a really laid back and friendly mood in KB during the show. The crowd mostly consisted of older gentlemen in their 50’s that werethere to enjoy Monster Magnet. There wasn’t any moshpit or headbanging in sight during the show.





Wyndorf didn’t talk much between the songs and instead let the music do the talking. He still sounds as good as ever when it comes to the lead vocals. The crowd clapped and cheered after each song. It was definitely a well behaved crowd that had taken over KB this Wednesday night. Next on the set list was “Twin Earth” and it was lucky the band had taken in en extra guitarist because Wyndorf didn’t play on his own guitar hardly at all, he just let it hang around his neck for show.

Many of the songs were extended with longer instrumental parts and to be honest it felt like some of the songs never ended. Sure, Monster Magnet does great songs but there are limits on how long they can get. Both Mundell and Caivano worked hard for their money. Bagliano and Caivano used the entire stage to run around on while Wyndorf and Mundell mostly stood on their side, with Wyndorf in the middle.

The show continued on with “Third”, “Zodiac” and “Radiation Day”. Wyndorf looked like he had a good time on stage with his baggy pants and hood-shirt. He didn’t look anything like the image you of how a stoner legend should look like. Wyndorf thanked everyone for being there and kicked off “Negasonic Teenage Warhead”. Then Wyndorf thought we should help him out with the lyrics in the song “Space Lord” which the exited crowd really did. It was then that the crowd really woke up from their stoner haze. “Space Lord” also closed the set.

But the band shortly came on stage to do encores which the crowd shouted for. “Melt” and “Cage” was followed by “Tractor” and an extra long version of “Spine Of God” in which Wyndorf got help from Caivano with the lead vocals. And “Spine Of God” closed the entire show, the band had then played for about 90 minutes. But for some reason hadn’t the band played any song from 4-WAY DIABLO which is the album they are out promoting.

It was a brilliant show by Monster Magnet with excellent lighting and sound. This was one of the great shows that I will remember from this year. Monster Magnet really proved that they are the undisputed kings of stoner rock or if you like stoner metal.









Dope To Infinity

Crop Circle

Power Trip

Twin Earth



Radiation Day

The Right Stuff

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Space Lord





Spine Of God


A big thanks to Kristian Kornhage, the head of press, for help with press/photo pass to the show.

Thanks to the nice and friendly staff and security at KB for always good treatment.

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