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Skeletonwitch’s Scott "Scunty" Hedrick and Derrick "Mullet Chad" Nau

Interview Conducted by Robert Williams

Videography Courtesy of Sandra Torres


It was just about a year ago that you released your third offering; the "Beyond The Permafrost" album through Prosthetic Records and since that time you’ve toured both stateside and abroad with some killer bands like Hate Eternal, Soilent Green and Toxic Holocaust; now you are part of the high profile Blackest Of The Black tour with Dimmu Borgir and Danzig. After all of the touring, and rave reviews in the metal magazines, do you feel like 2008 was the year of The Witch?

Scott: It’s been fucking good, it’s been a great fucking year so far…but I don’t know about "Year of the Witch" …2009’s (gonna be) year of the witch…This is like the last few months of…I don’t know what the fuck you would call this…

Derrick: Well compared to what we’ve done before we could call it our own year of the witch but it’s not like we’re like blasting off…

Scott: Yeah, but it has been a great fucking year…We’ve gotten to do a lot of really great fucking tours, some of which you mentioned so…It’s not been bad…

You have new blood in the band, a longtime friend and supporter Evan Linger has joined the Witch as your new bassist. How does it feel to have Evan in the band and once again have a full lineup?

Scott: It feels great…

Derrick: Yeah, it’s real good…we had some unfortunate stuff happen and we had to change members so we kinda called him up last minute…well, not really last minute but just out of the blue and we were like "Wanna do it? Go buy a bass!"

Scott: Evan’s an awesome guitar player and we called him over like "Dude, do you wanna play in Skeletonwitch?" and he’s like "Fuck yeah, that’d be great!"  "You wanna play bass" and he was like "Oh fuck."