The Hellacopters – The Tour Before The Fall at Mejeriet Lund Sweden

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The Hellacopters

The Tour Before The Fall




October 14, 2008


Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Pictures By: Anders Sandvall




Lund is the only town in the Southern part of Sweden that hosted one of the last shows ever for the amazing ground breaking band The Hellacopters. The band has been out on tour during the summer and have performed in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia and Europe. I saw them live at the Roskilde Festival in July this year. The entire tour ended in Stockholm with four sold out shows at the end of last October. By then the band had been out on a 1 and a half month long farewell tour. I and many with me are really sad that the band now has decided to quit and I consider The Hellacopters to be one of the world greatest rock bands ever. It was with a heavy heart that I entered Mejeriet to see my last show with the band.

The show at Mejeriet had been sold out many months in advance and the entire venue was jammed with people who wanted to see the historical farewell. When I sat on the bus to Lund I read in the news paper about the magical show the band had done in Umeå the night before and that made me both sad and anxious to see how the band would be on stage this particular night.

The venue, Mejeriet, is a pretty big venue but is still an intimate place where only concerts are held today. The venue seats about 1000 people and is located in down town Lund so it’s close to both the trains and the busses. As always I showed up a few hours early and the doors opened at 19.00 and the support were supposed to be on stage at 20.00. For this particular occasion The Hellacopters had two opening acts, one Swedish and foreign. The first member I met was Kenny Håkansson the bass player. He saw that I wasn’t too happy and asked if anything was wrong. Well yes, I responded, you are gonna quit and I’m never gonna see The Hellacopters live again. Then he laughed and said he though I was sick or something. He is such a great guy Kenny, always friendly and caring. I saw the bands first performance ever and now I was about to see their last one as well. It sure was an emotional night for me. I also met up with the rest of the band but no one seemed to care about that it was one of their last shows ever. I did have a longer talk to bandleader Nicke before he was going to do an interview. He stood at Mejeriet when all of the other band members went out to look at Lund. But they maybe have had time to get used to the fact that they’re about to quit.




The time ticked on and while I waited for the doors to open I sat down and had a beer at the restaurant across the street. The line outside the venue grew longer and longer the closer it got to 19.00.


The Hellacopters

The crowd literally exploded when the band went on stage. The line-up on this tour is as always:

Nicke Andersson – lead vocals, guitar

Robert Dahlqvist – guitar, b-vox

Kenny Håkansson – bass

Robert Eriksson – drums

Anders ”Boba” Lindström – organ

The band off kicked the evening with “Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial” and the crowd screamed out their happiness. The next song was “The Devil Stole The Beat From The Lord” before they moved on with the even older song “Ferrytale”. The entire stage bathed in light and it all looked really nice. Andersson thanked us for being there and said that now they were about to really kick off the show. “Sometimes I Don’t Know” was fired off and everyone in the audience sang a long with Andersson in that song. Then followed “Everything’s On TV”, “Better Than You” and “Electrocute”. Both Andersson and Dahlqvist worked extremely hard and their twin guitar duels took the breath away from not only them but also the crowd.

At this moment in the show Mejeriet was jammed with people and the sweat dripped from the ceiling. Andersson then introduced the crowd favorite “Carry Me Home” which is a song he wrote after a party in Malmoe a few years ago. Both Andersson and Dahlqvist are masters of posing and those two are an awesome stage duo. “Disappointment” and “No Song Unheard” followed before Andersson thought it was time to sing about an octopus and kicked of “In The Sign Of The Octopus” taken from the bands latest cover album.





Despite the fact that the bands later albums have been a little over produced and a little too polished sounding the songs much rawer and edgier live. The Hellacopters are and will always be one of the best live rock acts in the world. “Ghoul School” and “You Are Nothing” followed and “Rock Hammer” was fired off before “Alright Already Now” kicked off. Andersson didn’t do a lot of talking but the maybe wanted to play as many songs as possible this last time in Lund.

“Toys And Flavors” followed before Andersson said that the evening soon was coming to an end. This was a statement that made the crowd furious and it only made them scream for more. The band did “I’m In The Band” and “Another Place” before the ordinary playing time was over. Then had the band played for about 1.10.

Of course the fans wanted more and Mejeriet was soon to boil at that point. The band came on stage and did “By The Grace OF God”, “Before The Fall” and from the debut album they picked the brilliant “Gotta Get Some Action Now” and in that song did the band gave their absolute all. Every member was now totally soaked in sweat and they seemed to be real happy. But did the audience let the band go of stage? Now, they once again shouted for more and the sweaty band came on again to do another two songs. The songs were the excellent “We Will Rock You” which was a cover of the Queen song and then followed “Soulseller”. In “We Will Rock You” did Andersson invite everyone on the floor to sing a long with him and it was a tremendous feeling standing in Mejeriet and hear everyone sing a long at the top of their lungs.






It looked and felt like the band was really happy with the show in Lund and why shouldn’t they be with such a respond from the fans. It couldn’t be a better good bye and the sound and light was perfect. The set list was brilliant with a great mix of both older and newer songs. This evening was a magical evening that I am never gonna forget. It was grand and amazing that I was able to attend both the bands first and last show ever in southern Sweden. I love The Hellacopters and will never forget their brilliance on stage as well as on album.





Thank you guys for making these years a little more fun with your music, you are truly on of the best rock’n’roll acts in the world. You are gonna be missed. And thank you for being so nice and friendly through the years, you have always taken a moment to chat and sign all my and other fans, stuff. You are genuine rock’n’rollers!!




Thanks to Kristian Kornhag, head of press at KB, for press/photo pass to this show.

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Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial

The Devil Stole The Beat From The Lord


Sometimes I Don’t Know

Everything’s On TV

Better Than You


Carry Me Home


No Song Unheard

In The Sign Of The Octopus

Ghoul School

You Are Nothing

Rock Hammer

Alright Already Now

Toys And Flavors

I’m In The Band

Another Place


By The Grace Of God

Before The Fall

Gotta Get Some Action Now

Encore II

We Will Rock You