Buckcherry – Black Butterfly

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Black Butterfly

2008, Eleven Seven Music

Rating: 4/5

This highly anticipated follow-up to 2006’s 15 does not disappoint. Buckcherry deliver more of the raw and energetic Rock and Roll that they have become known for. As with the previous release, the debut single may ruffle a few feathers out there for it’s suggestive lyrics but like Mick Jagger wrote many moons ago: It’s only Rock and Roll and I like it.

The first single off this album is entitled “Too Drunk” which is the perfect lead off to let people know there is a new disc out. Last time around it was “Crazy Bitch” that made people stand up and take notice and “Too Drunk” will do the same. I have heard comments from people (at a Buckcherry show nonetheless) about the ‘Language’ used in their songs. This new single and album will put them right back in people’s minds again. The vast majority of the songs on BLACK BUTTERFLY are the high energy, up tempo rockers in similar style to previous releases. It is songs like “Rescue Me”, “A Child Called It” and “Tired of You” that have Rock Single written all over them. Add in mellower tracks like “Dreams” or “All of Me” and you are on course for one of the albums of the year. Josh’s vocals sound raw and angry on most of the rockers, the emotion he emits while singing them as if this is his one and only chance to make it and get noticed. He just gives it his all and belts it out with what seems like years of built up anger and frustration.

This is one of the years hottest titles and a must own. Definitely destined to be one of your favorite albums.