Phil Vincent – White Noise

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Phil Vincent

White Noise

2008, Independent

Rating: 3/5

Melodic Hard Rock is the safest way to describe Phil Vincent’s 10th album. Recorded at his home studio this release took him many hours to complete and make sound exactly the way he wanted it too.

A guitar heavy for the most part, but not to the point of overkill or to where it becomes a guitar album with some vocals. Phil leaves most of the over the top playing to the solo sections instead of just wailing throughout the entire song. The songs are written and performed well and are fairly enjoyable to listen to. There are no ballads on here at all; just straight ahead guitar oriented rock. The omission of a slow number may be a bit of a downfall as it could have very well been something that could have stood out from the rest. The only real downfall on WHITE NOISE is the over use of keyboards.

Why is this the 10th release and still independent? What is wrong with this picture? This album may very well be the breaking point either good or bad, but a breaking point nonetheless.