1349 – RAVN

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Interview with RAVN conducted by Robert Williams

Videography courtesy of Sandra Torres




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An Excerpt From The Interview

When you see American bands emulating the imagery and musical style of Norwegian black metal do you frown upon that or do you embrace it?

I can’t understand why they don’t just create something of their own. Why they want to copy some other bands. We find it just ridiculous, there is a thin line between drawing inspiration from a band and copying it, you know, you really have to differentiate that…

How would you describe your Satanic philosophy and how it relates to your music?

I don’t believe in any gods like they are described in the religious books. I define Satan as a word or a rebellion. When you read the holy books you’ll see that the word Satan and the character of Satan is rebellious, rebellious against the good sides… Satan represents the freedom of man, the free mind and that is basically what my relationship with Satan is, so to speak. Satan represents the freedom of man, the free mind. Satan refuses to be bound by the rules of let’s say, Christianity, he makes up his own mind and do whatever pleases him…