The Creepshow – Run For Your Life

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The Creepshow

Run For Your Life

2008, Stomp Records



Toronto Psycho/Horrorbilly quartet The Creepshow offer up their sophomore release of disturbingly great songs. This new album features a slight line-up change since their debut SELL YOUR SOUL a couple of years ago. Sarah “Sin” Blackwood is the new singer filling the shoes of her older sister Jenn “Hellcat” Blackwood. Sarah’s voice is very similar to her sisters and just a hint less aggressive but more smooth sounding.

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The Creepshow capture the essence and sound of 50’s Rockabilly and then punk it up a bit while adding in horror themes. Add in maximum volume and you have yourself a great record. It’s songs like “Buried Alive” with it’s harmonies that transport you back to a time of Drive Ins and Malt Shops with Hot Rods parked outside. On “You’ll Come Crawlin’” Sarah really shines, she sings angrily for most of the song but ends it off so softly almost like she is singing you to sleep. Add in Ginty’s eerie sounding keyboard which is turned up slightly at the beginning and Sickboy’s stand up bass is in your face here biggtime. The sound is undeniable as it has the old style of slap/picking going on. There is no massive complexity to it which is what makes it a fun and enjoyable listen. For the most part the songs are all upbeat and some end on a soft and mellow note which adds more character to them. This is especially true with the last cut as it is like a horror flick with just the piano building up the suspense as it fades out creating that feeling of anticipation where you want more (..and we do).


A fantastic disc that runs much too short. Hopefully we will not have to wait long for a follow up release. Songs like “Demon Lover” and “Take My Hand” are just a couple of the many great songs on here.