The Haunted – North To Nothing Tour at KB Malmoe Sweden

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The Haunted

North To Nothing Tour




1/10 – 2008



Review by: Anders Sandvall

Pictures by: Anders Sandvall


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The Haunted has been out performing on various festivals this past summer and the bass and guitar twins Bjorler has been busy touring with their other re-united act At The Gates. The Haunted’s new album VERSUS landed in stores a couple of months ago and with that album the band once again claims their position as one of the best modern thrash acts in Europe. This particular night was the grand opening of the official Versus tour that is touring in the Scandinavian countries.

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The age limit was 13 years at Kulturbolaget which meant that a lot of younger fans had come to see their idols. I arrived at the venue when the doors opened which was at 20.00 and not many people were in the venue at that early time. The support act, Path Of No Return, entered the stage on time, 21.00, and the youngsters played hard, fast and furious hardcore. It didn’t seem that so many in the crowd were paying the band much attention. After 40 minutes of pretty bland hardcore music Path Of No Return went off and the stage was set to host The Haunted.





The Haunted

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The finest thrash act in Sweden is still intact with the same line-up as before. The members are:

Per Moller Jensen – drums

Anders Bjorler – guitar

Peter Dolving – lead vocals

Jensen – guitar

Jonas Bjorler – bass

The backline was also the same as before with a backdrop picturing a man dressed in black holding out his hands on each side of the drums. The band stood in their usual positions with a mad and crazy Dolving running around making the stage an unsafe place. When you’re about to witness a show with this band you know that you’re gonna get some fast, aggressive, brutal and sweaty thrash metal and this show was exactly as brilliant as always. The Haunted is fine-tuned well-oiled thrash artillery that crushes everything that stands in their way. I’m one of the lucky bastards who has witnessed the band from the beginning.

Once the intro had faded away did the show kick off with the fierce new track “Little Cage” before the band returned to the debut album where the song “Bullethole” was taken from. The audience pushed forward and in front of the stage was a mosh pit formed. Fun for the involved but a hell for me who was trying to take pictures in front of the stage that lacked fences. Surprisingly weren’t the tickets sold out, it looked like the 750 venue only was half full. That was strange because I know that the people of Malmoe do love The Haunted.







The show continued on with the magical “Drowning”. After that did Dolving thank everyone for coming and he was already soaking in sweat. He said that the band had a new album out called VERSUS and asked if the people there had bought the album. And the crowd shouted a loud YES!! He said that more songs from the new disc were gonna come later on in the show but that it was now time for a song from the previous album. The song was “Trespass” which was followed by “D.O.A”.

KB used its light rig to the maximum and everyone in the band stood in perfect lighting the entire evening. Dolving is an amazing frontman and he encouraged everyone to clap their hands, sing along and scream with him in the songs. He’s an unpredictable man and you never know where he’s gonna be next.

The next track was also taken from VERSUS, it was called “Rivers Run” and then had the band run though half of the show. The first part of the show felt a little wobbly but while the band had run through the first part of the set list they felt much stronger. Maybe they were nervous, I don’t know. Dolving laughed when one of the guys in the crowd shouted for “Slaughter Of The Soul”, wrong band man Dolving responded but said that if the guy turns up in 20 years when At The Gates has its next re-union. The Bjorler twins laughed and then kicked off “The Flood” which was followed by “Medication”. Another new track they did was “Faultline” after which Dolving needed a brake and told us how much he loved the band Clutch that had played at the same festival as The Haunted earlier this summer in Sweden. “Fallout” and “Dark Intentions” and “All Against All” followed and the band felt incredibly tight and united. “Moronic Colossus” was the last song from the ordinary set-list but the crowd wanted more and more from the thrash masters of Sweden.




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So the band returned on stage and fired off “No Compromise”. Dolving said that he wanted to see a true mosh pit and with is last efforts did him and the band performed “99”. But the crowd was ruthless; they wanted more and shouted for yet another encore. Well on stage again Dolving said that one song was actually missing this evening and he was right. They hadn’t played “Hate Song” from the classical and groundbreaking debut album and when the band finally played it the audience went bezerk.

After that it was time to call it a night and Dolving and crew again thanked the fans for being there and for making the start of this tour a blast. The Haunted delivered about 90 minutes of pure and wonderful hell. There is no doubt that The Haunted is still at the top of their game and the best thrash act around in Sweden, Scandinavia and in Europe! When this thrash machine comes to your town don’t dare miss them. It doesn’t get better than this, believe me.


Thanks to Kristian Kornhag head of press at Kulturbolaget for help with press/photo-pass to this show

Thanks to the nice security staff at KB, always a pleasure being there.


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