Mustasch and support Supercharger at The Rock in Copenhagen Denmark 2008

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Latest Version Of The Truth European Tour 2008

with guests Supercharger

The Rock



4/9 – 2008


Review and Pictures by: Anders Sandvall




The last time I visited The Rock was at the beginning of the summer so I thought it was time for another visit before the fall comes. What could be better than to enjoy one of Sweden’s best live acts in action at Copenhagen’s best rock club. Once inside the venue I instantly met parts of the support act Supercharger and they turned out to be really nice guys. I had a long chat with lead singer Neperus and told him that I have heard many great things about Supercharger and that it was gonna be fun to hear and see them live for the first time to night.



Supercharger waited 40 minutes before entering the stage because there were so few people in the crowd. The line-up is:

Mikkel Neperus – lead vocals

Thomas Buchwald – guitar 

Thomas Pedersen – guitar

Brian Jensen – bass

Benjamin Funk – drums

The evening kicked off with “Scorched” which set the mood for the rest of the show. It was full speed ahead and no limits at all. And it was obvious that the band is really popular in Denmark because everyone in the audience screamed and cheered all through the show. Guitarists Buchwald and Pedersen ran around on stage like maniacs and they really got the crowd going. The show continued with the excellent song “Hold On Buddy” and then Neperus said something to the crowd of which I couldn’t understand anything. Well, the next song for the night was another song from their EP JUNKYARD SPECTACLE called “Some Sugar” and the song was a really explosion of raw, dirty and energetic rock’n’roll of high quality. I have never seen the band live before but I have to say that the band really impressed me. The members had a great presence and it was easy to notice that they all have passion and love for what they do. Then came a new song called“Dog Town” which was followed by “By Gold” which is a great song also taken from their EP.






More people had then shown up and the band lined up hits like “If You Wanna Rock”, the new song “Gotta Get” and “Bar Fight”. Neperus jumped down into the crowd and sang parts of the song amongst the people on the floor. The last song for the night for Supercharger was a new item called “Gimmi More”. After that Neperus thanked everyone for being there and that it was gonna be a big party when Mustasch went on stage.

It was really a pleasant experience to see Supercharger live on stage. If the band is gonna continue like this they’re soon taking over the rest of Europe. Check out their EP JUNKYARD SPECTACLE if you want to hear some proper high fueled dirty rock’n’roll with some element’s of metal.









Hold On Buddy

Some Sugar

Dog Town

By Gold

If You Wanna Rock

Gotta Get

Bar Fight

Gimmi More

Hell Motel







I have seen Mustasch, from Gothenburg Sweden, several times by now but you never know what front man and maniac Ralf Gyllenhammar is gonna do on stage. I have never seen them live on stage in Denmark though and the last time I saw them this summer was at Wacken Open Air in Germany and that particular show wasn’t the best one in the bands history. The show this evening was the kick off for the bands European tour and the band has got a new temporarily guitarist in David Johannesson which is replacing original axe-man Hannes Hansson.

Mustasch is loved by both the Swedish, Scandinavian and the European audiences and their latest studio album LATEST VERSION OF THE TRUTH won the Swedish Grammy awards for best hardrock/metal album of the year last year. Well, when the bands intro played Gyllenhammar went on stage and did a little dance to the intro music. First song of the evening was “In The Night”, the band is:

Ralf Gyllenhammar – lead vocals, guitar

Mats “Dojan” Hansson – drums

Mats “Stam” Johansson – bass, b-vox

David Johannesson – guitar, b-vox

The show continued with another brilliant track called “Down In Black” which became the bands first major hit in Sweden several years ago. The only thing the guys had with them up on stage was a huge back drop with their name in silver behind Dojan on drums which gave the band (read Gyllenhammar) a lot of space to move around . As always when Mustasch are on stage you can expect lots of joking around, laughs and pranks.






Mustasch have toured tremendously through the years which has gained the band a loyal and solid fanbase in the world. Gyllenhammar chose to talk Swedish with the crowd despite the fact that we were in Denmark and he fooled around with the crowd in between the songs. Next up on the setlist was the amazing song “Accident Blackspot” which was followed by “Falling Down” and “Bring Me Everyone”. The usual Jack Daniels bottle that Gyllenhammar uses to drink from wasn’t on stage and it actually looked like he had been drinking water and that is unusual when it comes to Gyllenhammar. He didn’t do as much talking as he normally did but that maybe depended on the fact the band fought against a timetable.

Next up was the quite boring and very long song “6:36” which is taken from the album RATSAFARI. The tempo did drop a lot when they did that song but when Gyllenhammar introduced the next song “I Hunt Alone” the audience was back on track again. Gyllenhammar introduced Johannesson with the words “First we had the Finnish guitarist Kristian “The Fierce Fin” Laimaa, then we had Martin “Boogie Woman” Boman on guitar. But tonight we have David Johannesson on guitar and he has insisted to play a song from one of our older albums, a song that we don’t normally do but a song David loves. And I’m gonna give the lead guitar parts to David to do, that’s how nice I am. And here comes “My Disorder” from the EP PARASITE”. Johannesson did a great job with the lead parts but I’m curious when the band is gonna announce a steady member.

The song “Monday Warrior” was dedicated to everyone who works between 9 to 5 and after that Gyllenhammar announced that they only had one song left. That was the radio hit and brilliant sing a long friendly “Double Nature” which is one of the best songs Mustasch have ever done so far. The audience went crazy and everyone sang a long and clapped in the song. But the show wasn’t over yet. The audience wanted more and Mustasch entered the stage once again to do the encores “Into The Arena” and “Black City”.





Ffter about 80 minutes of Mustasch the show was over. The audience was really pleased and there was no doubt that the band is as loved in Denmark as they are in Sweden. But it was a show out of the ordinary in many ways. Gyllenhammar didn’t talk as much as he used to and he had narrowed down his crazy talking and his crazy dance moves. The Jack Daniels bottle didn’t show up at all. Mustasch did a great show and that they are worthy representatives for the Swedish hardrock and metal scene.



In The Night

Down In Black

Accident Blackspot

Falling Down

Bring Me Everyone


I Hunt Alone

My Disorder

Monday Warrior

Double Nature


Into The Arena

Black City



Thanks to Nils Kroyer for help with press/photo-pass to the show

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