Hellstorm´s Hell on Earth – Unleashed

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Reviewed: October 2008
Released: 2008, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Traditional heavy metal can\’t be beaten, can it? If you agree, then you should give a listen to this band from Elkin, North Carolina. Hellstorm´s Hell on Earth (and please don´t let this rather ´unusual´ name scare you away) plays a very 80´s-flavoured heavy metal, which obviously is in these guys´ veins. The band vocalist Rich has built up his career in the Bay Area power metal legends Ruffians whereas Brian \”Hellstorm\” is a longtime member of October 31 that is also often considered King Fowley´s (Deceased) own heavy metal baby project band.

Hellstorm´s H.o.E.´s 5-track offering showcases a band that loves to churn out straightforward and simple heavy metal passionately, without any compromises. In fact, this is the kind of heavy metal that doesn´t even leave your old grandmom cold; it´s energetic, captivating, strongly riff-laden and beautifully executed all the way through. This is ´no gimmicks-no bullshit´, but honest and straight-up heavy metal with balls that you hardly hear bands playing any more. The band´s strongest asset – in my honest opinion – is Rich whose vocal performance is simply brilliant. If you have heard his main band Ruffians, you should already know what to expect from this guy. On the other hand, I need also to raise my hat in admiration of the rest of the band members as well, for kicking our asses with their hard efforts to make the songs truly stand out. Especially when \”Darkest of Days\” kicks in, one is sold about the greatness of this North Carolina-based heavy metal act – at least I know I, for one, was. The title track, \”Unleashed\”, which is also an instrumental tune, is an excellent piece of heavy and pounding heavy metal with a nice, menacing feel to it.

Damn, it´s a good thing to notice that people are still into loving and making the type of old-school heavy metal Hellstorm´s H.o.E. are doing these days. These guys absolutely deserve more attention from each of you guys out there who are into aggressive and well-played traditional heavy metal, which probably (and unfortunately) never gets hyped enough by today´s commercial and trendy music busniness. Hellstorm´s Hell on Earth rip tits anyway – get ´em!


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Track Listing:
01. Apocalypse
02. Tomorrow Forever
03. Darkest of Days
04. Mother´s Cries
05. Unleashed

Rich Wilde – Vocals
Brian \”Hellstorm\” Williams – Guitar
Mark Curtis – Bass
Johnny Walsh – Drums