Astral Doors: “New Revelation Scandinavia Tour” at The Rock Copenhagen Denmark 2008

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Astral Doors

New Revelation Scandinavia Tour

The Rock



5/9 – 2008

 Reviews and pictures by Anders Sandvall

Guest Contributor Ulrika Henriksson


Once again it was time for us to head over to the nice and cozy club, The Rock located in downtown Copenhagen to see one of the best bands in Sweden, Astral Doors, with the mighty Patrik Johansson on lead vocals. I can’t help but praise that mans vocal cords. He sounds like a combination of Ronnie James Dio and David Coverdale but still manages to keep his own integrity. The band is on a short Scandinavian tour that started in Norway before they headed over to Finland. This particular show was their third one and after it they went straight over to Sweden to do five shows. Astral Doors is still touring on their latest studio album from 2007 called NEW REVELATION.

The line outside the venue consisted of six (!) people when the doors opened at 21.00. Inside I talked to the security about my photo bag. I had trouble the night before and they then said that I wasn’taloud to have it with me into the venue. But that I could this night, very confusing.

Maybe 10-12 people were inside The Rock when we arrived and we really hoped that more people would show up in time to see Astral Doors on stage. But no more people came and the band had to perform for a pretty small crowd. But it was a crowd that did their best to support the band.



Astral Doors  line-up  is:

Patrik Johansson – lead vocals

Joachim Nordlund – guitar

Martin Haglund – guitar

Joakim Roberg – organ

Mika Häranta – bass

Johan Lindstedt – drums

The show kicked off with the brilliant song “Cloudbreaker” and Johansson had the small crowd in the palm of his hand right from the start. Johansson thanked the brave ones that had showed up before the band moved on with “Time To Rock”. Astral Doors didn’t have much gear on stage but they had a huge backdrop behind the drums with their band name and the picture of the latest album cover. The band sounded as solid as ever. The musicians are all skilled and experienced and they were really tight on stage. And what can go wrong with a singer of Johansson’s caliber in the band? He is truly one of the best singers in Europe today.



The show moved on with amazing songs like “New Revelation” and “London Caves”. Johansson chose to speak Swedish to the crowd and it seemed like the crowd included number of Swedes. Despite the small crowd the band delivered a solid and rock hard show. And I believe that everyone there was satisfied with the show when it was over.

With “Of The Son And The Father” the band took us back to the bands debut album. Other songs played were “Bride Of Christ”, “Cold War Survivor” and “Quisling”. When the music stopped and Johansson drank some water, a couple of drunken Swedes beside me took the chance to ask Johansson if the keyboardist had sober up from Sweden Rock Festival. Johansson answered that Robert on keyboard is always drunk. Then he announced the brilliant song “Raiders Of The Ark” and then the drunken Swedes were finally silenced.


The Rock has really great sound system that worked excellent this evening. Unfortunately weren’t the lighting as good but that must have depended on the large amount of people on stage.

Johansson wanted help from the audience with announcing the next song, he asked “Evil is what”, Evils is what?!” and the crowd shouted FOREVER. And the song “Evil Is Forever” kicked off. The last song for the evening was “Black Rain” taken from the album ASTRALISM and it was the perfect ending of the evening. Unfortunately the band do encores but that was because they didn’t want to exceed the time curfew because the night club was about to kick off shortly. The band was on stage for about one hour this night. 



As always did Astral Doors do an amazing show and we were really pleased with our visit at The Rock. It was sad that the audience was so small but that’s out of control for everyone. The band was great and did their absolute best despite the small crowd. Thanks to Astral Doors who did an amazing show.

I really hope the band get their act together and deliver a new album soon. We’re waiting for the next Astral Doors attack really soon.



Time to Rock

New Revelation

London Caves

Of the Son and the Father

Bride of Christ

Cold War Survivor


Raiders of the Ark

Evil Is Forever

Black Rain


More info about the band

Big thanks to Nils Kroyer at The Rock for press/photo pass to the show


 More pictures from the show below…