At The Gates at the “Suicidal Final Tour Europe 2008” in Malmoe Sweden

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At The Gates

"Suicidal Final Tour Europe 2008"




3/9 – 2008 

Review and pictures by Anders Sandvall 


The legendary At The Gates has been out touring all summer long. The band has been out on their final and last good bye shows through the entire Europe and the tour had only three shows left on the agenda after this particular gig was done. I have been lucky enough to have seen the band twice this summer and believe me, the band is amazing in a live situation. Already in the line outside the venue I could tell that this was gonna be a night to remember.

At The Gates had two support acts that opened for them and the age limit was 13 years old. I found the support act to be totally uninteresting so I used my time to walk around, talking to people and checking out the merchandise stand. Kulturbolaget is the perfect venue for At The Gates to perform in. The place holds about 750 people so the atmosphere is intimate and the stage is great to perform on. 

At The Gates came on stage and the audience went totally crazy. They set the mood for the evening with the monumental classic pick “Slaughter Of The Soul”. They continued with another brilliant track called “Cold”. Lindberg thanked everyone for being there and for taking part in one of the last shows ever with the band. “Terminal Spirit Disease” continued the show and was of course brilliant. One thing that’s weird with KB is that despite their huge lighting system they chose to only use the red, white and blue spotlights which made it really hard to get proper pictures. Guitarists Björler and Larsson stood partially in total darkness which also bassist Björler did. The only ones who actually were in focus was drummer Erlandsson and lead signer Lindberg.

Lindberg has always been like a tornado on stage and this evening was no exception. He was literally everywhere on stage and jumped, screamed and fought his way across the floor. His fellow band-mates stood mostly solid and still but that didn’t matter with as crazy a person as Lindberg as front man. Lindberg introduced the next song “Raped By The Rights Of Christ” and it was followed by “Under A Serpent Sun”. Lindberg later told us that when the whole re-union goodbye tour was planned the main demand was that songs from all the albums were gonna be played and not only songs from the classical SLAUGHTER OF THE SOULS. Many of the songs the band did this night were songs they haven’t done for ages.

Next song for the evening was taken from the album THE RED IN THE SKY IS OURS and was called “Windows”. After that Lindberg stated that it was time to go back to SLAUGHTER OF THE SOUL and the song “World Of Lies”. By now KB had gone tropical and the sweat dripped from both floors, walls and ceiling and I guess that had a lot to do with the mosh-pit that had been formed in the middle of the floor. The rest of the crowd wasn’t too bad either; they screamed and banged their head into madness and brain damage.




“Suicide Nation” was followed by “Burning Darkness” and “The Swarm”. The evening continued with “Neverwhere” and “Nausea” and “Forever Blind”. And by then it was only to lean back and enjoy the band amazing back catalogue of great songs and classical picks. When Lindberg announced that the show was about to end went the crowd mad and screamed NO. However there were a few tracks left and the band kicked off “Primal Health”, “Beautiful Wound” and “Unto Others”. And as told did the band really play songs from all their albums. The song “All Life Ends” was taken from their first EP. “Need” was the last ordinary song from At The Gates and by then did the venue boil. Lindberg thanked us all for being there and for making this night a night to remember. But the audience wasn’t satisfied so the band returned on stage to do encores. First out was “Blinded By Fear” which was followed by “Kingdome Gone”. After that was the amazing farewell show over and the band thanked everyone again. The band had now been on stage for about 90 minutes and by then was every member soaked in sweat.

I was blown away and really impressed by the band. It’s sad to witness the farewell of one of the most groundbreaking bands in Swedish metal history. But again, we have to respect their decision to quit. The audience was amazing and it was clearly a night to remember. At The Gates gave us a lesson in how mean, aggressive and brutal thrash ought to be played.



Thank you At The Gates for giving me three unforgettable concert memories this summer. I hope you feel that you know have had the chance to say a proper good bye to your fans. Thanks for all the good times guys. I can say that I was there and witnessed the good bye of one of the greatest thrash acts ever. I really envy the people in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Greece who are now about about to see At The Gates for the very last time, you lucky bastards! 


Slaughter of the Soul


Terminal Spirit Disease

Raped by the Light of Christ

Under a Serpent Sun


World of Lies

Suicide Nation

Burning Darkness

The Swarm



Forever Blind

Primal Breath

Beautiful Wound

Unto Others

All Life Ends



Blinded by Fear

Kingdom Gone

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Thanks to Kristian Kornhag head of press at Kulturbolaget for help with press/photo-pass to this show

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Big thanks to security and staff at KB for nice treatment