D.A.D at Green Concert in Valby Parken Copenhagen Denmark 2008

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Green Concert

Valby Parken



27/7 – 2008


Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Guest Contributor: Ulrika Henriksson

Pictures by: Anders Sandvall





It was the second time we visited the Green Concert. Our aim was to see the wonderful D.A.D. Many of the bands that are featured on this one day festival are local acts that are only known and famous in Denmark. The tour started out in Esbjerg Denmark the 17th of July and it ended in Copenhagen ten days later. Some of the bands that were featured were Aqua, Magtens Korridorer, Spleen United and D.A.D. The festival goes on during one entire day, the gates opened at noon and closed at 22.00. We had been in Gothenburg to see Iron Maiden the day before and were a bit tired but we simply had to go and see the best band in Denmark.



Green Concert is hosted by the beer brand Tuborg together with Muskelsvinfonden which is a fund that raises money that goes to research for muscle diseases. So if you attend a concert you at the same time donate your money to research when you buy your ticket, and that alone is a good cause worth to support. Valby Parken was totally sold out and that means that 40.000 people had shown up to enjoy a day of sun, beer and bands. Green Concert first started out 26 years ago and this year has been the best one in the history of the concert with 190.000 attendees over 8 shows. 


When we got inside we looked up the VIP area and we had about 40 minutes to look around before the band was supposed to be on stage. The soundcheck was a little delayed by about 15 minutes but finally D.A.D came on stage and the party could begin, at least for us.



The band still consists of:

Jacob Binzer – guitar, b-vox

Stigge Nasty – bass, b-vox

Jesper Binzer – lead vocals, guitar

Laust Sonne – drums, b-vox

Jesper Binzer comes out without his guitar and the band begins their show with one of their older classical songs called “Siamese Twins” under which a lot of pyro was fired off. The show continued on with another oldie but goldie in “Isn’t That Wild” in which Nast trades his bass into his famous rocket-bass. Jesper Binzer then asked us if we wanted to hear a brand new song which we of course wanted and the band plays “Beautiful Together” which sounded very promising. Straight after the new song the band did another oldie, my favorite song “Girl Nation”, and then it was time for the evening’s first slower song. It was “Soft Dogs” taken from the album with the same name. Nasty is known for having a lot of different bass guitars, all of them are custom made for him with only two strings to play on. He has the rocket bass, the olive bass, the glowing bass and the American car bass with blinking lights and this evening he had a brand new bass that looked like a reversed bass guitar. It was damn good looking and fun, just like Nasty himself.



The stage was huge and it had a ramp that reached out to the audience in the middle that the band could go out on. All three front men did used the ramp properly and went out on it and played and goofed around. In the back sat drummer Sonne surrounded by blinking lights that made different patterns and of course also the band’s famous logo – the cow head skeleton.




It was a little hard to understand what Jesper said because he talked some really native Danish but we did understand him when he asked us if we wanted to hear another new song. “Rock City” was the title of the song and it was just as good as the previous new song they did. If the new album is gonna sound half as good as theses songs did then the band have again outdone themselves. Then came “Ninteenhundredandyesterday” which was followed by “Scare Yourself” and Nasty brought in his glow in the dark yellow bass. Nasty also has a history of being different characters on stage. He has been Zorro, an American gladiator and a pilot but it was a bit hard to decide what he was this time. He came out with golden tight vest, golden panties and golden chaps accompanied with high heel boots, look at the pictures and you be the judge.




“Grow or Pay” and “Call Of The Wild” were next on the agenda before it was time for Nasty to take over the mic to do his signature song “Riding With Sue”. It’s fun to hear Nasty sing but maybe it’s time to change the set list and do “Black Crickets” instead. After that followed a new song that Jesper didn’t introduce but that one also felt like an instant hit. After that came another classical song in “Jihad – No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims”. And then there were a new song again but this time Jesper did not say what it was called. It was followed by “Everything Glows”.Then came Sonnes drum solo which was something quite extra ordinary this time. The entire drum kit ,with Sonne behind it and the entire platform it stood on, was lifted up and he moved forward until he was high up in the air in the front of the stage hanging above the audience. It was a mind blowing effect and we only stood there with our mouths opened and clapped and cheered like maniacs. Under his podium it was a trapdoor where it came out smoke. He stayed out in the air for a long time, look at the picture and you’ll understand what I mean. It’s really hard to describe.




The last song from the ordinary set list was “Sleeping My Day Away” and as always the crowd was ecstatic when they heard the intro. Spontaneous sing a longs occurred and Jesper let the crowd sing most of the first verse as he always does. After about one hour and fifteen minutes the show was over but the crowd wanted more and the band returned on stage to do encores. “Camping In Scandinavia” was the first encore with pyro and again did Sonnes drums go out in the crowd. The big question was if the band was gonna close the gig with either “Laugh and a 1/2” or “It’s After Dark” but to our big surprise they ended the show with “Bad Craziness” which was totally unexpected when they usually end their show with one or both of the above mentioned songs. During “Bad Craziness” Nasty came out with a helmet full of sparks which made the crowd go even crazier. When the last song had faded out the band thanked everyone for being there and after 1.30 the band went off stage.



D.A.D once again gave us a strong, solid and tight show with lots of energy and craziness. The new songs felt strong and we can’t wait to hear the new album when it’s gonna arrive here in Scandinavia this fall. Once again did D.A.D impress us big time with their party hardrock/arena rock music, the only negative thing was the lack of the obvious encores “Laugh and a ½” or/and “It’s After Dark”.







Siamese Twin

Isn’t That Wild

Beautiful Together (new song)

Girl Nation

Soft Dogs

Rock City (new song)


Scare Yourself

Grow Or Pay

Call Of The Wild

Riding With Sue

New song

Jihad – No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims

Everything Glows

Sleeping My Day Away


Camping In Scandinavia

Bad Craziness


Thanks to press coordinators Anja Jensen and Kristina Sindberg for help with press/photo-pass to this festival.


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