RATT – Stephen Pearcy

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Stephen Pearcy of RATT

Interview conducted by Robert Williams

Videography courtesy of Sandra Torres


MR: Your third solo album "Under My Skin" will be released July 22nd through Airline Records. In addition to providing your signature vocals, you also are playing guitar on this album. What can Stephen Pearcy fans expect from Under My Skin?< ?xml:namespace prefix = o />


Well they’ll know that I can play guitar and I can play solos. You know, seriously, it’s kind of early RATT sounding, but you can’t help the technology, but being this…twenty five years later, my solo stuff is always RATT associated, because I co-write the RATT music.


I had a lot more fun because I play guitar on all my solo stuff, but this one in particular I went to town, you know. It took a while, it wasn’t rushed, it was…done. Fred Coury from Cinderella plays drums on a song, one of my band’s Anti-Division on Top Fuel Records, he’s writing and playing on there, so, you know, it’s one of those records….and it worked.


MR: On the Top Fuel myspace site, you welcome band’s to submit their material and provide an address they can send it to. How much of the submitted material do you personally review? What kind of bands do you think would fit well on the Top Fuel roster?


Metal In America bands. I gotta tell you, we get all kinds of good stuff, and I do listen to it. There’s hundreds of them coming over from all over. So that’s why I say again “Metal In America” was created (to be) a place where they can tour and get their music heard.