Faster Pussycat – Taime Downe and Danny Nordahl

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Interview Conducted by Robert Williams at the South Texas Rock Fest July 12th, 2008

Videography courtesy of Sandra Torres

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Are there any plans at the moment to reissue and remaster the first three Faster Pussycat albums? Can you disclose any archived goodies that could potentially be featured as bonus tracks?< ?xml:namespace prefix = o />


TD: There was talk about it, I just don’t know what it entails, what the deal is. I think it would be cool to remaster them, I don’t wanna like remix them or nothing. But remastering them would be really cool.


I mean, remixing them would be fun too, but not in terms of like a remix like I did with “Between The Valley” (Of the Ultra-Pussy), but just take the controls and adjust shit, but even just remastering them and re-putting them out, cause there’s some shit I think you can’t get.


Do you think we can ever expect a Faster Pussycat DVD with all of the band’s videos, some live footage and maybe a documentary of the band’s history? Will there be any music video’s for songs off of Power and The Glory Hole?


TD: Like I said, we’re working on everything. I got footage from fucking back in our second show.  There’s like shit (videos), that’s like up in Seattle at my mom’s.


But like I said we got oodles of that shit. We’ve just been transferring shit, we’ve got footage from…just all the way though. From the old days up until we started this shit again in 2001. We got shit from the Poison tour, all types of shit.


We might start putting it together as a volume type thing. Where it’s just like sections. A little bit of old stuff, a little bit of new stuff, and then just keep gathering, otherwise we’re goin’ through twenty fucking years of shit.