X-Sinner – Fire It Up

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Fire It Up

2008, Retroactive Records/Music Buy Mail/Artistworkxx

Rating: 4.0/5

The band’s debut album GET IT came out in 1989 and its follow up PEACE TREATY was the last album before the band was put to rest. When the label asked if X-Sinner wanted to rerelease their second album the band was hooked on the idea. It turned out to be too messy to rerelease the album due to legal rights, so they did a brand-new recording of the second album instead; that way they could also give the songs the right rock feeling they thought the first release of the album sometimes lacked. They have gotten rid of the ballad “Hold On” and replaced it with a new song called “Fire It Up”; they have also given the disc a new name and new cover artwork.

X-Sinner ought to appeal to every fan of high-energy tempo-bursting dirty hard rock. The tempo is furious and the guitars are in absolute focus. When this album is played it’s time to start the party. I think the band have huge musical similarities with early Def Leppard, Cinderella, Ratt and AC/DC. X-Sinner haven’t come up with a new rock’n’roll formula nor have they re-invented rock, but they still managed to give homage to AC/DC and the like with their raw and powerful rock’n’roll. Lead singer Rex Scott hasn’t got the best voice in the industry, but he is to X-Sinner what Bon Scott was to AC/DC and he carries on the Brian Johnson tradition of who having a raspy voice.

You can’t but appreciate X-Sinner and their really consistent album. It’s hard to pick out any killer tracks, but I want to hear “Fire It Up”, “I Take Power”, “Gotta Let Go”, “Peer Pressure”, “We Need Love”, “All I Need” and “You Get Me” over and over again. “Rollin Thunder” and “Getch Ya” are slower but still heavy hard rock tunes and the band is letting their blues influences speak the loudest here. Scott shows a more sensitive side of his voice in the ballad “Don’t Go” and even if he sounds a lot like Brian Johnson he fits singing ballads. Even though I usually think of rereleases as a way to earn money on old stuff I have to admit that FIRE IT UP is a rock’n’roll treasure that deserved being recorded again.

Fans of AC/DC, Cinderella, Def Leppard and Ratt are gonna love and adore this band. X-Sinner is out doing live shows and working on a new album, so there’s more to come from this brilliant act. It’s a little strange that the band is signed to a label that mostly releases Christian hard rock and metal, but if they carry on down this road I’m looking forward to see what’s in the future.

Rex Scott – lead vocals

Rob Kniep – bass

Mike Buckner – drums

Greg Bishop – guitar

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1. Fire it Up (new song demo)

2. I Take Power

3. Gotta Let Go

4. Rollin Thunder

5. Getch Ya

6. Don’t Go

7. Peer Pressure

8. We Need Love

9. All I Need

10. You Get Me