Superhuman – As Human As We Are

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As Human As We Are

Sound Division Studio

Released 2007

Rating: 4.0/5

Superhuman is an act from Latvia releasing their full-length debut album. Their first release was an EP called TASTE IT from 2006 and the band has already established themselves in the countries around the Baltic Sea. They have also been the support act to Billy Idol and Reamann on the Baltic leg of their tours.  AS HUMAN AS WE ARE has already generated 5 singles and the song “Hey You” has been on Latvia’s radio airplay chart for 8 weeks. Now it’s time for the rest of the world to experience Superhuman and their heavy, modern and well-played hard rock. Superhuman haven’t invented anything new within the genre, but their fun and energetic rock music goes a long way and it’s clear that they love what they’re doing.

When I first listened to the disc I didn’t think it was anything special, but the more I listened to it the more I got into it and now I’m in love with it. Lead singer Kristian has an amazing voice with many positive features and he takes the songs to a higher level and along with guitar player Uldis manages to make magical music. Three of the songs feature real strings that add sensitivity and more depth to the songs. There is nothing negative to say about the rhythm section; they keeps on delivering heavy, pumping beats and the 40 minutes of playtime almost feels too short.

Killer tracks are the amazing songs “Lost In Time”, “Voices”, “Too Far Away”, “Lose You”, “Hey You”, “Overcome”, “Cream” and “Transformation”. It’s easy to understand why this album has generated 5 singles; all of the songs are potential hits to me. Just as the rest of the album, the production is brilliant and it’s great that a band from such a small and musically-barren as Latvia has something to show. Superhuman deserves all the success they can possibly get. This is a band for the future.

Kristian – lead vocals

Uldis – guitar, b-vox

Ed – bass, b-voc

Dims – drums

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1. Lost In Time

2. Voices

3. Hey You

4. Too Far Away

5. All My Good Intentions

6. Overcome

7. Cream

8. Lose You

9. Transformation

10. Sinners In Eden

11. Alone