Circular Logik – One

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Circular Logik


2008, Music Buy Mail/Artist Workxx

Rating: 4/5


Singer/multi-instrumentalist Paul Vincent has already made a name for himself in the melodic rock and melodic hard rock scenes with his work for various bands and artists. He has released several albums as a solo act as well as with his band Tragik. Circular Logik is his brand-new band and ONE is their debut album. According to the promo, Circular Logik is a melting pot of musical talents and great melodic rock ideas. For once, the biography actually has got it quite right. The band delivers neat melodic hard rock with a lot of feeling, energy and vitality. Vincent’s passion for his work is reflected in the music, which gives it a fuel injection. Luckily the keyboard is used in moderation; the focus is set on the brilliant guitar playing and the amazing lead vocals the Vincent handles. He and the guitars sound really good together and the rhythm section contributes a heavy and solid flow. Altogether is the music perfect and the musicians are highly skilled.

ONE features 13 songs all written by Vincent. The material is very creative and varied and there’s not a dull moment on the entire album. The band brings us honest and solid classic melodic hard rock with tons of energy and feeling. My personal highlights on the album are “Welcome Home” and “Your Time Has Come” which are two faster and technical guitar-based tunes at a fast tempo. “Killing Me Inside”, “Led Wait”, “Since You’ve Been Gone”, “See Me Through” and “It’s All Over” are slower, but just as heavy as the rest of the album. The heavy guitar riffs dominate the sound picture and there are a lot of twists and turns in the songs. “Right Here” is an acoustic ballad with strokes of keyboards and “What We’re Looking For” is another ballad written in a rather non-standard way.

I recommend this album to any fans of Paul Vincent’s earlier work, fans of Tragik and also for every fan of well-played melodic hard rock. I have nothing remotely negative to say about Circular Logik; ONE is a hell of an album.

Phil Vincent – lead vocals, guitar, keyboard

Steven Albanese – guitar

William V Arnold – bass

Tanion DeAngelis – drums

William Roux – lead guitar

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1. Welcome Home

2. Killing Me Inside

3. Hard To Find

4. Right Here

5. Led Wait

6. You Make Me Weak

7. Your Time Has Come

8. Since You’ve Been Gone

9. What We’re Looking For

10. Time Killer

11. See Me Through

12. Won’t Let You Go/Lost Without You

13. It’s All Over