Burn – Global Warning

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Global Warning

2008, Formula One Records/Border Music

Rating: 2.0/5


Burn started out back in the 90’s when grunge was still in, but the band wanted to play classic English hard rock. Burn’s debut album was released in 1993 and both critics and fans welcomed the debut with open arms. After lots of touring their second album called SPARK TO A FLAME was released in 1995. That album was not as successful as the debut and the band only toured a little before deciding to take a break to focus on other stuff. In 2001 original drummer Karl Bee was killed in a motorcycle accident and shortly thereafter original guitarist Rab Devenny put down his guitar permanently.

After several years the three original members decided to reunite what was left of the band and search for new members. They took old song ideas and added new content to them. They worked for over a year with the new material and did demos that they brought to Formula One Records. The label was exited to hear the band’s new stuff so they inked a deal and put the band in the studio. Formula One Records also rereleased the band’s previous two albums as well.

Burn plays English hard rock that sometimes steps into to the American-inspired section of rock. The focus is on the razor-sharp guitar riffs, lead vocals and keyboard. Singer Jeff Ogden is the brightest star with his amazing vocal range and he takes the songs to a new level. The rest of the musicians are good and deliver solid work. Think of Magnum and the middle albums from Whitesnake and you’ll have an idea of what Burn sounds like.

My main problem is that the songs are sometimes very weak and not interesting at all. One would think that such skilled musicians would be able to write good music, but that’s apparently wrong. My lasting impression of GLOBAL WARNING is that the album is a great excuse to go make a cup of coffee or do the dishes while you listen to it. I wanted to love this but I can’t. The musicians are great, but they can’t turn water into wine. Overall, the material is just too weak and plain to leave a good impression. GLOBAL WARNING gives me absolutely nothing at all. If you happen to be a fan of the band then you might like this, but it’s not an album to win a crowd with.

Marc Stackhouse – bass

Jeff Ogden – lead vocals

Phil Hammond – guitar

Benjy Reid – drums

Barney Stackhouse – keyboards

Julian Nicholas – guitar

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1. Shadow Of The Satellites

2. Dangerous Times

3. Forgive Me

4. Down In Flames

5. Meltdown

6. Made That Way

7. Pray For Rain

8. In Another Lifetime

9. Weight Of Expectation

10. I Don’t Mind

11. Give Me Tonight