ZZ Top – Live From Texas (DVD)

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ZZ Top

Live From Texas

2008, Eagle Vision

Rating: 5/5


The little ol’ band from Texas have just released their first ever concert DVD. In their almost 40 year history ZZ Top has never had a lineup change of any kind which proves that quality lasts and can withstand the test of time. The 17 songs here on this 2 + hour show prove this fact ten-fold. Even the bonus track is pure gold despite it being a cover and not a ZZ original.

From the moment you put the concert DVD on and it cuts right into “Got Me Under Pressure” you cannot help but be captivated as you are reaching for the remote to crank up that DTS audio track. The crystal clear sound and crisp picture make for one enjoyable experience. All the classics are here and performed flawlessly on a fairly simple yet striking stage setting. The light screen behind them displays different colored patterns as  well as the infamous ZZ logo throughout the show. Franks drums are centered on a small riser with red velvet curtains around it. Both sides of the stage are mirror images of each other with the amp setup. This simple, effective and captivating stage setup is the perfect backdrop as the music is the feature and not the flash or massive production.

Billy and Dusty’s signature hats and dark shades are worn for the duration of the show. No wardrobe changes of any kind take place. The concert is pure 100% dirty blues based rock. Billy’s slightly rough vocals are spot on and sound dead on to the original studio versions. When Dusty steps up to sing on numbers like “Tush” it becomes easy to tell how well he accompanies Billy. His voice is a bit higher and smoother and the 2 of them compliment each other perfectly. The inclusion of songs like “Waitin’ For the Bus” and “Blue Jean Blues” are welcomed treats where they could have easily made it a greatest Hits show like many bands of this stature do nowadays.

This is one of the best concert DVD’s ever released. Highly recommended to any and all fans of ZZ Top, Rock and Roll and music in general. Do yourself a favor; go buy it and crank it up and guess what you find…………….?