Agnostic Front – Tavastia Helsinki Finland

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Live at TAVASTIA May 4th, 2008


The legendary New York hard core veterans Agnostic Front is one kind of institution on the hard core/punk map, having raged since the very early 80’s. The band has developed the sound more into a metallic approach on the last couple of albums and have got more followers amongst metalheads.

The band did a chaotic festival gig last summer at the Finnish Russian border and therefore the gig in Helsinki was more than and expected to happen sooner or later.

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It was quite unexpected to have app 300 hardcore fans arrive at Tavastia. It could have been expected to have a double more in the attendance as hardcore gigs have pulled quite well in Finland. Obviously, the Sunday night choice for the gig wasn’t that ideal after all. Besides, there have been a plenty of hardcore and metal gigs during the whole spring, therefore people may have run out of money to attend every gig.

When the five piece went on the attack, everyone was expecting all hell would break loose and the floor of the club would be smoking, bodies would be flying all around, and blood would be running. But instead the whole audience had gathered to stand nearby the walls and the soundboard leaving the middle of the floor entirely empty. The whole thing looked more than absurd and amusing indeed. However, a couple of brave ones dared to spin in the middle anyway. Even Roger Miret commented on the whole absurd situation by saying “this is hardcore gig, c’mon now” and later thanked the audience for coming to the show even though response sucked. A few guys dared to spin in the middle of the floor and a couple of brave ones did cool looking diving into the audience. Fortunately they were caught instead of landing on the floor.


The set mostly consisted of the newer stuff picked up from the recent album.  As for the list in general, songs such as "Crucified, Gotta go, United Blood" and of course "Warriors" off from the new album were played. The most used slogans spit out were more or less respect, New York Hard Core, which definitely described the hardcore world seen from the point of view of the Agnostic Front guys for sure. Roger Miret even gave a short speech about the family values, telling about his family and belief toward these kinds of values. After preaching, "For My Friends" was blasted out. The band’s well known guitarist Vinnie Stigma remained mostly in the background watching the half dead audience.  The Gallos brothers handled their own parts damn well. Miret was definitely a vital and energic frontman, but he has gained stage experience and manners through these years being a frontman of Agnostic Front.

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The show would have been nothing, but a real utter ass kicking and brutal experience if the audience hadn’t stayed and starred at Agnostic Front like zombies from graves. There have been more violent pits even at power metal gigs than at this gig. It is obvious the AF guys didn’t put all 100% energy and input to the gig. Wishful thinking, but Agnostic Front would fit more to the Finnish festival environment better, playing in front of drunken maniacs. Another reason for the lame attendance could be that an amount of gigs arranged in the hard core/punk genre. Hpefully Agnostic Front didn’t get upset about the poor response and the band will be seen on the soil of Finland sooner or later.