Burden A.D. – Anno Dominator

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Reviewed: June 2008
Released: 2008, Violent Journey Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

This Finnish 5-piece ´retro-thrash´ outfit has existed since 1998; 10 years and 3 demos after, the band finally won the interest of an independent domestic label Violent Journey Records.

Calling Burden A.D.´s as ´retro-thrash´ may be a suitable term to their music because a full-blooded thrash this surely isn´t, and I have a little problem here with their ´retro-thrash´ stuff. Namely the first 3 songs off this album, sound unfortunately kinda bland and uninspired – and on the second, the clean vocal parts only add more pain and frustration to my words. They sound horrible, to tell you the truth, dear reader. Then we move on to the 4th track called \”Promotor\”, which shows at least a little bit more promise, being more of a straight-forward, heavier and more mean-sounding effort. It even has a decently done solo in it. \”Slow Flames\” ain´t that bad either, but I´m still not jumping up and down in pure excitement here. \”Saw\” brings some hope back to this ´retro-thrash´ theme, but the song still suffers from a faceless and uninspired effort in hitting you in a hard and memorable way. A couple of good thrash riffs hardly save the song from sinking into a bottomless oblivion, I´m afraid. \”Marked Fist\” – as well as \”The End\”, are just bad and somewhat lame tracks that don´t get my excitement levels trembling either. In fact, those clean vocal parts get on my nerves in \”The End\”. The last song, \”Hexed\”, at least tries to get me pumped up with excitement. The song has some cool, violent death/thrash riffs bursting out here and there that throw my memories back to the end of the ´80s and early ´90s when ´everything was done better… and more convincing´. But other than that – that´s about it, unfortunately. Evidently Burden A.D. would need some more fresh ideas into their songwriting process.


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Track Listing:
01. Shut The Fuck Up
02. Don’t Hold Back
03. Perfect Family
04. Promotor
05. Slow Flames
06. Saw
07. Marked Fist
08. The End
09. Hexed

Dude A.D. – Vocals
Henkka Tokoi – Guitar
Arska I. Niemi – Guitar
R. Hyösti – Bass
Quuk J. Pietilä – Drums