The Haunted with Slow Death Factory at The Rock Copenhagen Denmark 2008

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The Haunted

Slow Death Factory, The Rock

Copenhagen, Denmark

22/5 – 08

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Pictures by: Anders Sandvall


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Once again it was time to head over to Copenhagen and my favorite spot at the moment which is The Rock. The Rock is a great concert venue that always delivers some really strong hardrock/metal acts to a reasonable price. This evening was dedicated to the Swedish thrash legends The Haunted. I think it was at the beginning of last year I saw the last time and then they were out promoting their latest studio album THE DEAD EYE. I met up with the band before the show and when I heard them at sound check I knew that this evening was gonna be a blast. Guitarist Jensen told me that the band is currently in Copenhagen to record their new album that is due to be released sometimes at the beginning of next year. During this summer the Björler twins are heading out with their former act At The Gates and playing at various festivals all across Europe. I also asked Jensen if his other act Witchery has any plans on either releasing a new album or doing any live shows, he answered that Witchery has written new material but the big problem was to find anytime to record the stuff. Singer Peter Dolving was in a great mood and told me that the new album is gonna kick the shit out of everyone and that it’s gonna be better than anything they have done before. He also said that the band was really psyched to play at Wacken Open Air this year which is a festival this never-ending touring band never have visited. 

Slow Death Factory was the name of the evenings support act. It’s a band I’ve never heard before and they were set to go on stage at 21.00. As the evening progressed more and more people showed up and when I looked towards the stage I saw a huge drum set and a gigantic back drop that belonged to the headline act. The support act hit the stage about 20 minutes late and it seemed like the Danish band was loved by the audience. And just like The Haunted, they delivered fast, mean and brutal thrash metal. During the 40 minutes they were on stage the support act mainly let the music do the talking. The sound was great but unfortunately the lighting wasn’t very good. It looked like The Rock has invested in new smoke machines because there was a lot of smoke. Slow Death Factory did a pretty solid show and it seemed like the audience loved the band.




More and more people entered the venue as time went by and I bet that they were as excited as I was to see The Haunted live on stage. It was interesting to see the bands set list considering they haven’t got a new album out to promote. So this time the band could play what they liked to play. There was no pressure to play any new songs to support a new album. The change of gear went very fast and after 20 minutes of pause the legendary The Haunted finally came on stage.

The Haunted

The Haunted has the same solid line-up as before in:

Anders Björler – lead guitar

Jonas Björler – bass

Peter Dolving – lead vocals

Jensen – guitar

Per Moller Jensen – drums

The crowd that stood right in front of the stage went crazy and screamed and banged their heads when the song “No Compromise” kicked off the show. As always, straight ahead and at the speed of light the only pace The Haunted knows how to play. They quickly moved along with “D.O.A” taken from the album ONE KILL WONDER before it was time for the first song taken from the latest album THE DEAD EYE “The Flood”.

On the left, as always, stood Jensen and on the right stood  the Björler twins with Dolving everywhere else. Dolving didn’t do hardly any talking and he hardly introduced the songs and let the music do the talking. Another newer song came in “Medication” before they went back to their now iconic debut album and the song “In Vein”. Dolving sure had the crowd in the palm of his hand and many around me sang along with him and even started a mosh pit. A few people went up on stage to stage dive but luckily did they soon realize that there were too few in the audience to pick them up and they just stood upon stage before they went down by themselves. Dolving stood beside them and just laughed.

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It looked and felt like the band had a really good time on stage and they were really tight as a unit despite the lack of live shows. I just stood and enjoyed the best thrash act in Europe doing their thing. Dolving varied between talking English and Swedish in between the songs and the crazier the audience got the crazier Dolving went. Before it was time to unveil a new song from the coming album Dolving told us the history behind it and I can tell you that after hearing this song I’m even more anxious to hear the forth coming album from The Haunted. The show continued on with “Drowning”, “Trespass” and “All Against All” before it was time for “Fallout” and “Guilt Trip”. By this point The Rock had reached boiling point for both band and audience. The last songs were “Hate Song”, “Dark Intentions” and “Bury Your Dead” which closed the show. Right after the last tone had faded out there was a pause and music turned was turned on. The band didn’t do any encores. The Rock has a curfew that is set to 00.00, after that it’s time for the night club to start but the band delivered the goods for 90 minutes so I was pleased. This amazing night made me long even more for the bands new album that I’m sure is gonna kick everyone’s asses. The band did a “greatest hits show” with songs taken from their entire career and that also includes songs sung by Marco Aro.

The Rock should have props for the brilliant sound, unfortunately the lighting left a little more to be desired this time and even though it’s quite nice that the venue doesn’t have fences in front of the stage it’s quite hard for a photographer to have great shots.

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But this was another great night directed by The Rock and I’m looking forward too many more nights of metal, beers and fun. The Haunted sure made me feel proud to be Swedish. When I packed my bag to go home the rest of the people stayed and partied at the night club. But for me it was time to leave only to return two days later to see Hardcore Superstar at the season closing of the glam/sleaze club Rock The Night.


Set list

No Compromise


The Flood


In Vein



Colossus (new song)



All Against All


Guilt Trip

Hate Song

Dark Intentions

Bury Your Dead


Huge thanks goes to Nils Kroyer at The Rock for help with press/photo pass
Also a big thanks you to all the nice and friendly staff at the venue

More info about the band