The Misfits – Nosturi Helsinki Finland

Rhapsody of Fire
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The 28th of April

Nosturi, Helsinki Finland

The legendary Misfits have had a tremendous impact on the whole metal and hard rock genre during the three separate decades. The bands wellknown skull has become one kind of symbol as well as trademark reflecting the legacy of The Misfits, even though the skull has been capitalized by all kinds of clothing business labels and other industrial forms. However, as for the music, of course The Misfits is known for several so called classic tunes covered by several bands for example Metallica, who have openly admitted to being influenced by The Misfits. Therefore, The Misfits have been able to keep the cult alive thru all these years due to their influential factor in both alternative rock and metal.


The good old classic Misfits enjoy a cult following amongst the old school punk and even metal maniacs. As for the Misfits in 2008, well some water has flown under the bridge. The band made a triumphant return to the limelight with Michael Graves fronting The Misfits on two studio albums in the late 90’s. After pulling out, the Misfits have soldiered on with Jerry Only trying to navigate the band thru these years with various musicians. As Doyle left to work on his own and with Danzig, which had to be a hit below the belt for Jerry Only, it is quite sure the last nail had been nailed to the coffin of The Misfits, but……

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Instead, the former drummer Robo returned back to the ranks and the Black Flag guitarist Dez was recruited to take over the second guitar and Jerry Only took over the vocals. When watching Jerry Only on the stage at Nosturi, it became more than clear that the current Misfits is entirely based on one man’s character and role. Both Dez and Robo mostly remained in the side on the background when Jerry Only literally stole the whole show for himself.

The trio outburst a whole bunch of classic songs picked up from all the albums. Even songs were raged with the utter amazing drive."One-two-three and go" shouted Jerry and unleashed all hell break on loose. All the classic ones belonged to the set list and of course a few killer cuts from the lastest studio albums done with Graves were obvious choices. Above all the most known songs such “Die Die Darling” etc caused chaotic raging moshpits burning the floor up for sure. Due to Dez’s involvement in The Misfits a couple of Black Flag songs had been included to the set as well.  

But to be honest, the current Misfits definitely suffered from the horrible sound quality. There was not a good balance in the sounds of any instruments during the whole gig, making the gig sound quite messy.


As stated above, the show basically featured Jerry Only’s character, well at least he got upset at some teenage girls in the front shooting some videoclips. Those girls shooting the gig got an obvious greeting from Jerry telling there is no way of capturing the show on the camera as the people have to come down to shows to feel and see it as Misfits don’t tour that much.  

Seeing such a plenty of young kids, not even born at that time when the first three classic Misfits albums came out in the early 80’s, was quite surprising. It is obvious the legacy of the band carried by other bands has been holding them up during all these years.

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Yes The Misfits did two sold out nights at Nosturi which only proved the band is still attractive despite the major line-up changes. But the 30th anniversary tour could have been a awesome if (this is desperate wishful thinking) Doyle and Graves would return to the ranks. Having Jerry handle all the vocal duties is kind of an embrassing way to keep the cult alive.


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