Steve Stevens – Memory Crash

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Steve Stevens

Memory Crash

2008, Magna Carta

Rating: 4/5

Known primarily for being the guitarist for Billy Idol, Steve Stevens is an accomplished guitar player in his own right. Having released a few solo albums and appearing on records by others he has earned quite the reputation.

Primarily the 10 tracks on this disc are instrumental but there is a moment or 2 of vocal’s. Stevens prefers to let the guitar talk and through it he speaks volumes. Featured here are signature sounds and effects that we come to expect from Steve while creating some very melodic and groove heavy pieces. His cover of the Robin Trower track “Day of the Eagle” is very Hendrix influenced. The track “Cherry Vanilla”  is another song where Hendrix rears his head. It becomes quite evident that Jimi had a massive influence on Stevens and his playing. Apart from these couple of spots there is no other influence to be heard as Steve just does his own thing and is an innovator that creates some great original sounds.

A must have disc for any and all guitarists out there. For the general buying public and Billy Idol it may be a hit or miss.