IRON MAIDEN – Somewhere Back In Time: The Powerslave Interviews

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IRON MAIDEN - Somewhere Back In Time: The Powerslave Interviews

Somewhere Back In Time: The Powerslave Interviews

By Gueneviere

The following are a series of interviews done with all the members of Iron Maiden just prior to the U.S. release of the watershed 5th album, Powerslave, circa Autumn of 1984. At the time, the band was also in the midst of touring Europe in support of the same album. (The tour had already taken them “Behind the Iron Curtain” into Poland, a first for a western heavy rock band at the time, and an event which also resulted in a public relations coup and a documentary later shown on MTV, etc.)

Now that Maiden have since added 24 more years to their highly influential, enduring, and still-thriving career, and are also currently globetrotting yet again with the retro- Somewhere Back in Time tour (wherein they are said to be playing some of the classic Powerslave tunes) – it just seemed apropos to also go back and wipe the dust off those old interview cassette tapes, too.

The POWERSLAVE stage....oh to have a time machine eh? 

These unedited interviews are really a slice of two days in the life of a band then on a skyrocketing upward trajectory, and, frozen in time too, is the band’s personality, optimism, and wonderment of those “Golden Years.”

Though Maiden, the great keepers of the (metal) faith, are objectively experiencing more success now than ever before – indeed these days may at least be said to be their “Platinum Years” – it is still tempting to wax sentimental from the “those were the days!” mode of those like me who were there to see it all go down firsthand. Yet it is really for the benefit of the band’s voluminous new, young followers that this Powerslave rewind is being presented now, as a small illumination into what it was really like to be a part of the Maiden Machine at that time.

Lastly, if you please, do consider contributing to the Clive Burr M.S. Trust Fund, set up by Iron Maiden for the benefit of Clive, who was the drummer on the band’s first three albums. Check out Clive Aid here:

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