Evergrey, NightInGale : Helsinki Nosturi 2008

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Nosturi Helsinki

The 21st of March 2008

Having a metal gig before the easter break with two Swedish metal names, NightInGale and Evergrey, appeared to be both interesting and temptating because of the line-up. Both bands definitely enjoy a more true fan based following in Finland. Above all, NightInGale definitely draws some expected interest from the progessive genre, but of course Evergrey has the fan-legion of their own.

NightInGale is known for progessive hard rock led by the legendary producer, and in general jack of all trades, Dan Swanö. Dan has carved his magical touch onto the releases of several bands. Above all, Swanö is still remembered for his death metal band Edge Of Sanity which raged on the wave of the Swedish death metal in the early 90’s alongside Entombed, Dismember etc. NightInGale is definitely an entirely opposite outfit in terms of musical approach compared to his other bands. However, Dan Swanö is known for being a huge fan of progessive rock and hard rock, with such bands as Marillion, Genesis, and even traditional metal’s Judas Priest etc. Getting NightInGale to open for Evergrey was a real godsend for several long time fans of Dan Swanö. Despite the nearly empty Nosturi club in the very early of the night, the four piece kicked the set in front of the most fanatical fans. Obviously people must have been unaware of the schedule or something, cos the club soon became quite packed. 

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The running time of NightInGale was an incredible 90 minutes. During that massive playing time several known and less known songs were played. For obvious reasons, several NightInGale songs had the mandatory strong role on the setlist, but as an unexpected big suprpise the band did a few old Edge Of Sanity songs such as “Black Tears”. Frankly recognizing these old EOS songs performed by NightInGale was kind of hard, they sounded so differently indeed. Another surprise delivered by the four piece was a Swedish national song, sung in their own native language. Some Swedes may tear their pants apart, now it closely reminded of the Primus cover tune with the personal bass tunes. Apparently it was mistakenly thought to be a Primus cover amongst the audience.

IMG_9795.JPG IMG_9758.JPG

Dan Swanö himself was quite thrilled about getting to play in front of the Finnish audience as he raged on the stage with ultimate passion. Even though Dan Swanö appeared to be more known and was seen as the centrepoint from the standpoint of the audience, however his brother Dag Swanö seemed to have a weird sense of humour. He finally took his shirt off in the end of the set, trying to demonstrate as some kind of Manowar though he might need some tips from Joey De Maio about the work-out training. The rest of the bands mostly remained in the background.

NightInGale offered a variety of songs and the whole legion of Dan Swanö fans definitely got what they aimed to get from the gig. Obviously the man won’t be on these soils for a while.

The Fields of Life


Trial And Error

Deep Inside of Nowhere


Glory Days

Game Over

Losing Myself


Atlantis Rising

Piska Mig Med Lagom Mycket Gummi

Scarred for Life

Nightfall Overture

Shadowland Serenade



Raincheck On My Demise

Black Tears

Forever And Never

Steal the Moon

Evergrey have made a  few visits to Finland a couple of times before – at the Finnish Metal Expo and the Tuska Open Air metal festival. For some reason the band haven’t been able to pull that many people to follow and dig the high quality and more straightforward played, but still melodic progessive metal performed by Evergrey, at these shows. It was soothing to realize there was a quite lot of people hooked by Evergrey even though the Nosturi club wasn’t even close to being sold out.

IMG_9808.JPG IMG_9841.JPG

Evergrey mastermind, Tom Englund, has guided the band through these years even though members have come and gone. Evergrey’s third visit to Finland has been awaited for awhile as the frontline and whole floor area were entirely packed. The night was kicked off by “Blinded” followed by plenty of other Evergrey classic tunes. The set list had been created to include at least something picked up from each album.  “Masterplan” was the expected one concluding the set. 

IMG_9872.JPG IMG_9870.JPG

As for the band’s stage-manners, it needs to be pointed out that the former Stratovarius bassplayer has found an entirely new inspirational spirit in his playing after spending a decade in the Finnish melodic metal group. Obviously leaving the old times behind to switch to a new era made something of a miracle to his stage performance indeed. The man, having got arms tribal tattooed, moved on the stage more than ever during his Stratovarius career. Frankly it would be more than suitable if he remained in Evergrey. In general the whole band in wake of the vocalist appeared to be in vicious strike during the whole 90 minute long set.  The hair and heads were spinning all around, obviously resulting utter neck pains to the whole band.

IMG_9822.JPG IMG_9827.JPG

Even though the four piece was in an extreme tight condition on the stage, the sounds could have been better. Occasionally, vocals got rolled over by massive guitar sounds and then the contrary. As a matter of fact, the sound mix wasn’t in that expected balance even though they were extreme rough and real massive heavy, obviously too heavy. 

IMG_9835.JPG IMG_9803.JPG

Evergrey deserve a better and larger attention as well as recognization in the worldwide metal scene as the band’s catchy and melodic tunes would also please the more mainstream metal people for sure.


End of Your Days

Rulers of the Mind

She Speaks to the Dead

As I Lie Here Bleeding

Mark of the Triangle

More Than Ever

Monday Morning Apocalypse

Still in the Water



I’m Sorry

Recreation Day

A Touch of Blessing

The Masterplan


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