Bonafide live at Kulturbolaget in Malmoe Sweden 2008

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Bonafide – headline

Foxy Roxie – support




22/2 – 2008

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Pictures: Anders Sandvall






The Malmoe based band Bonafide is a new act that has done very well over the past year. They are contracted to Sweden Rock Records and have performed at festivals and have done many shows so far. This year is the band gonna be support act to both Deep Purple and Status Quo as well as perform at both Sweden Rock Festival and the Sweden Rock cruise. This evening was the band headline act even though they only have released one studio album so far. 

Shortly after the clock had passed 21 went the support act Foxy Roxie on stage. The band consist of three young girls that plays loud and noisy garage rock’n’roll. It was not my cup of tea but with some training and more live experience I think the band can be something too look out for.


The change of gear went really fast and after half an hour entered Bonafide the stage. The band is:

Pontus Snibb – lead vocals, guitar

Mikael Fässberg – guitar, b-vox

Micke Nilsson – bass, b-vox

Sticky Bomb – drums, b-vox

The show started with the song “Loud Band” and to my surprise isn’t there so many in the audience despite this is a local band. “Down” follows before it’s time to continue with “Hard Case to Break” and “50 Cent Millionaire”. Snibb didn’t do much talking in between the songs he mostly introduced the next song and he said that a few new songs were gonna come up.

Snibb used the entire stage during the performance; he walked around and walked to the front of the stage when he did his guitar solos. Nilsson also used the stage well and Fässberg mostly stood solid on his side and threw out riffs.

The new drummer Sticky Bomb is a great addition to the band and he really fits to sit behind the drums in this kind of band that plays old school rock’n’roll.




The evening continued with more songs from the debut but as promised was also new songs delivered. Those were called “Butter you Up”, “Big Boss Man” and “Fill Your Head with Rock”.

Bonafide’s music sounds pretty much the same live as on album and the band deliver solid 70’s retro rock’n’roll with blues and AC/DC influences. Everything would be great if there wasn’t for one major thing and that’s Snibb’s voice. I don’t think he has the strength and the depth in his voice to be singing lead vocals. He sounds too strained when he sings and maybe they should have taken in someone else on vocals. It shows that he normally plays the drums because he’s not the born front-man.

Before the show as over they did “Night Time” and the new track “Fill your Head with Rock”, it was an OK show but I had wished more from especially Snibb.








Loud Band


Hard Case to Break

50 Cent Millionaire

Going In For The Kill

Butter You Up

Can’t Get Through

Big Boss Man

Night Time

Fill Your Head With Rock



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