Moshquito – Behind the Mask

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Reviewed: March 2008
Released: 2008, Reartone Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The thoroughbred East German thrash/death metal act Moshquito´s (yes, you read it right: It´s MOSH-quito, and not Mosquito!) history dates back to the early 80s when the band was called Argus. Since those days the band has traveled a long and ´not-so-easy´ road; gone through several line-up changes, recorded 3 demos, 3 albums and even released one DVD. Having not heard any of their past material, but only their latest, their 4th effort BEHIND THE MASK, it makes me want to hear what they have done before.

Moshquito label themselves as a thrash metal band – and I can partly subscribe their thrash influences in their music, yes. However, if one needs a closer and even more accurate description about Moshquito´s music, I would recommend you to go and pick up Death´s SPIRITUAL HEALING album, request you to cook it together with a fair dose of more thrashy elements – and there you would have it basically: Moshquito´s BEHIND THE MASK.

What I find great about Moshquito, is that they have understood that playing this sort of ´epic and heavy thrash metal´ pays off for them eventually if they just take their time to rehearse their songs properly enough – and without rushing with things to get an album recorded and out as soon as possible. One is able to hear from everything that the Moshquito fellows have put lots of time and effort into building up their songs into the final format, kind of making sure they wouldn´t cheat either themselves or the fans of their music. They have just let their songs mature like an old wine – and the result is really delicious, I can tell. Many of the riffs in their songs hark back to Mr. Schuldiner\’s style of playing, being very melodic and well-done, while at the same time tastefully heavy and thoroughly catchy. For further proof, you may want to spin through such tunes as \”Behind the Mask\” (there´s some really well-done and beautiful acoustic passages in this tune), or \”State of the Rat\”, or \”The Atheist\”. These are full of those already stated elements that make BEHIND THE MASK one hell of an enjoyable listening experience for any metal fans that can appreciate a true dedication and devotion toward carefully arranged and well-made thrash/death metal. Also, people vocally into Chuck Schuldiner and Ross Dolan should also love Michael´s vocal patterns as he sounds like a cross between those two aforementioned voices. Michael´s got a great and appealing voice that fits perfectly into the band´s technically hard-boiled thrash/death metal.

I really do adore these guys as musicians; I adore the guys of Moshquito as splendid song writers and I adore the fact they have been capable of recording such a strong and masterfully executed album like BEHIND THE MASK truly is. A top-notch, melodic and heavy thrash/death metal here. Make it all with capital letters if you want to.


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Track Listing:
01. Schizophrenia
02. Perverted Appetite
03. Behind the Mask
04. State of the Rat
05. The Atheist
06. Visions of a Better World
07. Necrophile
08. Desperate Thoughts
09. Amputated
10. If You Bleed

Michael \”Morning Star\” Morgenstern – Vocals
Ingo \”Igor\” Lohf – Guitar
Maik \”Gilbert\” Richter – Guitar
André \”Rudi\” Nebel – Bass
John \”Johann\” Uhle – Drums