Vanilla Fudge – Out Through The In Door

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Vanilla Fudge

Out Through The In Door

2007, Escapi music

Rating: 1.0/5

Vanilla Fudge is one of the old dinosaurs within the classical rock scene and the band has influenced numerous artists. After many years in a coma the band was reawakened in order to spit out another album jammed with their trademark classic rock tunes. The big question is why the band bothers to do another album that sounds almost exactly as their previous ones. Unfortunately, Vanilla Fudge does not bring anything new to the scene and what was once fun and original is now old news.

The Vanilla Fudge of the 21st century delivers boring and old fashioned songs and it doesn’t seem like the band has any idea on what they really deliver. I don’t have anything against classical rock’n’roll at all, in fact many of my personal favorite band are highly influenced by Carmine Appice and crew but wrapped in this package I have to say it all feels sadly boring and old. OUT THROUGH THE IN DOOR is a sad mix of old 60/70 retro hardrock/rock covers, all covers are Led Zeppelin songs, and of the 12 songs featured on the album I can’t find a single favorite track.

I really wished that I could say something good about the album but I can’t, maybe it’s time for Vanilla Fudge to accept the fact that maybe their time is over. If they continue to deliver these kind of boring cover albums in the future then I for once am never going to listen to the band again. I think that Appice should re-unite Blue Murder or King Kobra instead of wasting time on this. I’m sorry Carmine but even though you’re a legend and a huge personal favorite I can’t like this album.

Mark Stein – organ, lead vocals

Vince Martell – guitar

Tim Bogert – bass

Carmine Appice – drums

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