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The Ordher could be classied as new, but old band hailing from Brazil. The band’s line-up consists of the recognizable Brazilian extreme metal veterans from other, now defunct, bands such as Rebaellium and Nephasth. The Ordher basically follows the paved path of the extreme death metal with the utter brutal vocals and lethal guitarworks by Fabiano Penna. The three piece’s debuted on the WEAPONIZE album which recently came out by Unique Leader Records. The guitarist Fabiano Penna unveils more about the debut album and why his previous band ceased to exist.

by Arto Lehtinen


Hello Fabiano, how’s it going there under the Brazilian red hot sun?

Hello, Arto. Yeah, it’s hot, summertime here right now…


The Ordher has been around since 2005. Even though you have gained attention in the catacombs of the death metal underground, mostly with the older and now defunct groups, but I dare to claim the bigger audience is still unaware of The Ordher. Therefore could you tell us a little bit more about how this three piece death metal trio started?

Well, The Ordher started as a project, I was not playing with any band at that time, and the other guys were still playing with Nephasth. We met sometimes and then started to rehearse some stuff I had written. When they decided to quit with Nephasth we started to focus more and more on The Ordher, which became our main band and goal.

As to the name The Ordher, it used to be just “The Order”, but….Actually you could unveil why the name got the changed a little bit?

We found out a band on Roadrunner with that name, but we did not want to change ours completely. Since these guys are not a Metal band, it would not be a problem to have the same name but with this alternative spelling.

When speaking of a new death metal band, it is quite obvious everyone is keen on finding out how a band’s style and music can be described to give some kind of impression for the readers. What particular bands had a major influential impact on the music of The Ordher?

The Ordher is extreme Death Metal, but with some mid tempo songs too, not only fast all time. Our music is not only based on speed, it’s heavy and intense too. Our main reference is still the best bands ever, Slayer and Morbid Angel. 

The first official demo was released back in 2006 as far as I know.  Was the original purpose to spread the name of The Ordher all around and get some attention or just test how the band sounds on the first recorded output?

Both. Although before the Promo 2006 we had already recorded some other stuff. We actually record a lot, man, always testing how new stuff sounds. Besides, we wanted to start some promotion for the band before the album was out, and with those 3 songs we gained a good attention from fans thru Internet mainly.

The demo was spread around as mp3 files thru your Myspace and other ways of course, but the feedback was without any doubt, mostly positive. Did you already expect to have nothing but good and praising feedback and response? Were you however surprised at having such an amount of overwhelming response?

I think that we were waiting for that kind of feedback in a way or another. We had played in known bands before (Rebaelliun and Nephasth), so it would be normal to have this ‘minimum’ attention from extreme Metal fans. I mean, some fans of our old bands wanted to know what we were doing after those bands quit, some people was really curious about our music.


As for the demo consisting of three songs “Rise”, “The Poison” and “Father” – Were these songs the first ones coming out of your writing process or did you have plenty of songs written, but picked up those ones for the demo release?!

We had more songs at that time, maybe 4 or 5 more songs. Just chose those 3 tracks because they together represented better what we were doing, it would not make sense for instance to release 3 fast songs, you know?

You are an experienced producer, I assume you were mostly responsible for the recording process of the demo?

Fabio (The Ordher bassist and vocalist) also produces bands, so we did the job together. We actually record some part of the stuff at his studio (drums, bass and vocals), I bring the stuff to my home studio, record all guitars and then mix and master it, this is the process used for the demo and for the album too.

How many labels showed interest toward The Ordher? Did these older record albums, to which Nephasth and Rebaelliun were signed, get the contact to find out if you are willing to a sign with them?!

Some labels had interest in our music, we sent the stuff to a few ones, not too many really, just because nowadays we know that there are lots of ‘big’ companies in which being in is not a good deal. Sure we had some contact with our older labels too, but in the end we signed to Unique Leader from the U.S.

What made you sign a deal with Unique Leader Records, which was definitely truly unknown to me even though they have a bunch of killer bands like Vile, Gorgasm, etc.?!

They’re a established Death Metal label in the U.S., did a good offer, have a good distribution, they have bands on tour frequently, so that was the best choice at that time.

Did you sign a deal for one album for the time being or do you have a multi-album deal with Unique Leader Rec?!

We have one more album to be released by Unique Leader.

Do they have a capacity enough to promote and advertise The Ordher?

Yes, specially in America.

l_48014c079ef39e4d5bf125156598e8a3.jpgThe debut album WEAPONIZE is a piece of brutal death metal carried out in the extreme Brazilian metal way, presenting all in all eleven songs. Well there are extreme fast songs and then more mid tempo ones… However, do you view if you managed to reach the maximum brutality on the album or was it even possible to have more brutal elements while recording the album?

Make the most brutal album ever was not our goal when we wrote Weaponize. We wanted a heavy album, extreme, intense, with fast tracks, and we did it. Of course it’s always possible to make it more brutal, maybe for the next one we will have faster tracks, even more extreme, it’s possible…

Have those songs being on the album been composed mainly for The Ordher, or have you used some leftover songs or riffs from either Rebaelliun or Nephasth, but re-used and arranged for the album?!

As far as I remember, “Rise” and “Through The Walls” were already written when we started to rehearse, I was writing and recording some stuff at home when the guys called me and we talked about playing together. All the rest of the album was written for the album.

How did you carry out the recording process of the album, were you mostly in charge of the process in terms of producing, mastering and engineering or did you have other specialists working with you?!

It was engineered and produced by Fabio and me. Faster and cheaper, and we get better results working by ourselves.

As for the lyrics, where do usually obtain subjects for lyrics and what do they deal with on this album?

Lyrics in “Weaponize” deal with violence in general. Wars, politics, religion, heavy issues.

When composing and writing the new material, do you work as a team or do each of you have a certain role in the band who does and what?

Normally I write the songs at home and bring it to the studio. Then we work on it as a team till it’s done. But sometimes things work in a different way. The song “Shot”, for instance, was written by Mauricio, I just wrote lyrics and the lead. The song “When The Storm Arrives” we started jamming in the studio, recorded everything and then ‘organized’ the ideas to make that song.

Hmmm the front cover reminds me slightly of Sodom’s art in a way, I mean by that you have a creature with the gasmask and of course armed to the teeth. Well you of course view that differently. But the album title WEAPONIZE is obviously referred to the creature with machine guns, or ….?

Yes, in a way it does. The creature is just a symbol, a warrior ready for war, and the title could mean ‘be ready for what’s coming’, you know? Actually the title “Weaponize” and the whole conception of the album have a wide rate of meanings, it can deal with the war itself, with the politics, with life in general.



Rebaelliun ceased to exist a few years ago, was it a major setback for you cos you had put a lot of time and energy to bring the band to the next level?!

When Rebaelliun quit I felt like wasted time, you know? Nowadays I can see that we did what we had to do together, it was cool in every sense, but now my band is The Ordher and I have to put my energy on that. Fortunately I met a lot of people at that time and can keep these friends even today, almost 10 years later. That’s what matter for me.

What exactly led the demise of Rebaelliun?! Personal issues, line-up changes?!

Both things. Too many line-up changes in a short career, and personal issues too.

Both the albums BURN THE PROMISED LAND and ANNIHILATION were the pure nihilistic brutal death metal in the finest form and received extremely great response. How do you feel about those album now afterwards?

I’m proud of both albums and everything we did in Rebaelliun. The two albums sold very well at that time, and sometimes I met people in shows with the albums to sign, what’s great. These people say that songs like “At War” or “Bringer Of War” are already classics, what’s great.

As for Nephasth, being as known as Rebaellium in the death metal scene. I find it quite untypical when two leading and great death metal bands all of a sudden split up one after another, how was that possible, just pure coincidence?!

I think so, just coincidence.

What were the basic reason for splitting Nephasth up?

Personal issues as far as I know.

Each of you have good backgrounds and experiences gained with these older bands, do you think you would have learnt something from the past in order to accustom to The Ordher?!

Sure, nowadays we know how to avoid lots of problems that always happen in a band. It does not mean that we don’t have these problems, it’s just that we’re more prepared to solve them.

Are possible rebirths or reunions out of question in the sake of both the bands?

I don’t think so, it’s not my will at least…

Both Nephasth and Rebaelliun constantly toured in Europe, presumably you will definitely be willing to expand touring territories?

Sure we will, we’re already working for that, talking with some agencies to see the possibility to tour Europe this year in a good package.


l_34e3a9abfd927bbc3a6470a373d4feb8.jpgAfter the demise of Rebaelliun you joined Horned God. To be honest I am not sure how long you used to be involved in the band before pulling out, therefore I can’t help asking why you didn’t feel like being in Horned God, just leaving quite shortly?

I played less than 1 year with Horned God. I had the best intentions with the band, but did not want the same as a band, the guys were not really ready for a full time band, so I left the band.

I managed to hear quite raw and unpolished rehersal tapes of Horned God, but presumably you recorded an album CHAOS BRINGER OF ALL REVELATIONS for Listenable Records, or am I mistaken?

Yeah, in 11 months I worked on the album with the guys and then we recorded it. I really was not satisfied with the result, I was expecting a more mature band but just figured out that Horned God music was not so mature when heard the album finished. That’s when I left the band.

The Horned God line-up has undergone more than a few changes, well was the band’s chemistry already inflamed causing departures of members?

I think so. You have to find people with same goals as you have to have a band together, whatever are these goals. If it’s serious, it has to be serious to everyone. If it’s a hobby, it has to be like that for everyone as well.

Then you are involved in Andralls, right?! It is more thrash metal stuff?!

Yes, Andralls is a Thrash Metal band. In 2003 I co produced their second album, we got very close friends, and I became a fan of the band, I like the kind of Thrash Metal they do, very fast, with lots of guitar pickings, what reminds me “Reign In Blood” of Slayer. Last year they had a Brazilian tour, around 20 dates, and about 1 month before the tour their lead guitar player left the band. So they called me and asked me to play that tour. I did only 3 rehearsals for the shows, we don’t live so close nowadays, but I practiced the songs at home, went to Sao Paulo, we did these few rehearsals and then went on tour. Things were great on the road, so they invited me to be permanent on the band.

How do you find time to balance between those bands and working as a producer?

Working and playing full time. I’m also working as a sound guy of a famous rock band in Brazil, so I’ve been on the road a lot, when I’m at home, have to practise a lot and also find the time for the bands I produce.

Does it bug you that most of extreme death metal bands coming out of Brazil are more or less compared to Krisiun or do you think it is a mandatory comparing because of Krisiun kind of created their well known and recognizable sound and style which has been adopted by other bands in the past whereas newer bands have developed their own, but however getting compared to Krisiun?

Krisiun is a reference, not only for Brazilian extreme Metal, but for Death Metal in general, so I don’t think it’s a problem. Besides, I’m a fan of their music since 91, so I’m proud if someone finds any connection between them and my work.

But however Krisiun have opened the doors for the next generation of the extreme death metal bands coming from Brazil?

Sure they did, after them people from Europe and America started to pay more attention for Brazilian bands, just like happened with Sepultura in the 90’s, when they became big some other Brazilian bands at that time had more attention from worldwide press and fans.

Beside The Ordher, which other so called new bands should be checked out?

There are many great bands in Brazil not so known overseas nowadays… I’d recommend Subtera, one of the best Brazilian bands, these guys rule.

All right Sir Penna, I for one thank you for your time and interest to answer a few questions. Well the last famous words are all yours to conclude the interview….

Thank you Arto for the great interview, thanks for the support ever. To the ones interested in The Ordher, I’d say to check out our stuff in Internet and also some videos of us at Youtube. Hail and kill!!  

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