Winter NAMM 2008

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NAMM 2008: Fan on the loose

There was a lot of my childhood heroes at NAMM, not to mention present day heroes! I was really fortunate to get to meet some heavy metal artists I really look up to. People always tell me that my heroes in metal bands are just regular people. Hahaha, yeah right, did your next door neighbor play the guitar solo in “See You In Hell”? No, so STFU!

Mick and Nick

Mick Mars & Nick Bowcott 

I waited in line to meet Mick Mars who was scheduled to do a signing on Saturday afternoon at the convention. I actually formed the line, I was the first one waiting. Nikki Sixx was also doing a signing at the same time across the convention center, but considering Mick Mars’ recent struggles with his health, I felt that this may be my one and only chance to shake hands with a guitar player I’ve been a fan of since I was 10. I’m glad I made that choice, right as Mick walked up to the Randall booth for the signing I spotted a man in a Randall jersey that had BOWCOTT in print on the back.

Wow, that’s Nick Bowcott from Grim Reaper! I met Nick and Mick and they were cool enough to take a picture with my starstruck self.

Kenny Bender

Kenny Bender

I bumped into Kenny Bender who plays bass for Die By Day, a band from Seattle that I met and partied with at the Summer NAMM convention in Austin, Texas. We picked right up where we left off last summer and had several tasty alcoholic beverages and ended up being interviewed by Lacey Conner from VH-1’s Rock Of Love.

While waiting in line to meet Slash, some guy walked up to me and asked if I wanted to buy his book. I asked him why I’d want to buy his book and then realized that I was talking to Lonn Friend, former editor of RIP magazine! I bought his book. Oh, and Slash made sure to let me know he didn’t want to be photographed.

 Lonn Friend

Lonn Friend

Friday night I went and enjoyed drinks at the Hilton hotel bar and got into a club within the hotel courtesy of my friends at Rock House Method who were hosting the “Wimbash” jam session, hosted by Living Colour’s Doug Wimbish, who is an active part of the Rockhouse Method roster.

Rockhouse Method has an ever growing roster of amazing metal musicians including Dave Ellefson, Alexi Laiho, Rusty Cooley and primary RHM instructor John McCarthy. Definitely look into the instructional DVD series if you play guitar.

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