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NAMM 2008: Conversations of Steel

Dragonforce did, I don’t know…I guess a million signings over the weekend. I approached guitarist Sam Totman for an interview. Sam was drinking some beer and hanging about. If I didn’t know better I’d say he might’ve been a tad tipsy when the following conversation took place. To say his answers are to the point would be….honest.

Sam Totman (Dragonforce)

MR: Almost all of the members of Dragonforce hail from different countries, how did you all meet?

We all lived in the same town, we all lived in London so we just met like that, really.

MR: For a band that has been around for such a short period of time Dragonforce has made quite an impact in the metal community. What do you credit the bands overnight success story to?

Being extremely hungry!

MR: Dragonforce has toured almost non stop for the past three years playing to multitudes of screaming metal fans. What is some of the craziest stuff that has happened on the road?

Ah, you know normal shit….just getting drunk and fucking being idiots basically. Nothing, too exciting.

MR: You have mentioned in interviews that you are inspired by 90’s video game music of all things. Now Dragonforce is actually featured on the video game Guitar Hero III – Legends Of Rock and the song has been referred to as the toughest on the game to play, what are your thoughts on the Guitar Hero franchise?

Ah, I don’t play it myself but I think it’s a cool game, and yeah, it’s good that people like it, and it’s good….lovely.

MR: What advice would you give to aspiring guitar players?

Don’t bother ‘cause you won’t score any chicks.

MR: Tell me about the new Dragonforce signature guitars from Ibanez….

Ummm they’re really lovely and mine’s cooler than Herman’s.

MR: Before Dragonforce became the ultra fast power metal juggernaut it is today, both you and Herman Li had played together in Demoniac, a band with controversial song titles and more of a black metal approach. Now that Dragonforce are achieving a certain degree of success is there any chance the Demoniac discography will be reissued and become more readily available for Dragonforce fans to purchase?

Ah, I don’t know probably not, you’d have to ask the singer, he’s the one that takes care of all that crap.

MR: In the January issue of Revolver magazine you mentioned in the interview that Dragonforce was working on a follow up album to Inhuman Rampage. What can you tell us about the new album?

Ah, it’s gonna sound exactly the same as all the other ones…

MR: I really appreciate you taking the time to chat with me today, before we wrap this up is there anything else you’d like to address or promote?

Ah, yeah your radio or whatever it is, is pretty rad dude. Oh it’s a website. On that count I’m gonna bugger off.

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