Naughty Boys – R U Naughty Enough

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Naughty Boys

R U Naughty Enough

2007, Music Buy Mail/Artist Workxx

Rating: 3,5/5

The Swedish melodic hardrock outfit Naught Boys was formed back in 1989 and in 1992 after a few member changes the line up became permanent. The following year saw the release of their debut album. The debut disc was released in 8 different countries and received a good response. But despite their success, the band was put to rest in 1994 and didn’t reunite until 2002. That same year the band released a 3-track CD called X TEN which featured the song “I Will” and ended up on’s best inside compilation album. Because of the compilation CD, the song was played by several radio stations in both Europe and USA and eventually ended up on different playlists everywhere.

Filled with confidence, the band began writing songs and seriously considered the possibility of reuniting the band and releasing a new album. They wrote 15 songs, two of which were released in 2005 and received positive feedback. Now they’ve released their second album, and from what I can hear they play everything from melodic hardrock to melodic rock to pure rock’n’roll. It’s melodic but heavy and you can sense some Scandinavian melancholy in the songs. 13 of the original 15 songs made it to the final product. The material is solid and has lots of nice hooks and catchy choruses that make the album memorable.

The strongest songs are “Only God”, “I Will”, “Trail of Tears”, “Is This Love” and “2 Worlds Collide”, all of which all are technical heavy melodic rock tunes. Other great songs are “Last Man Standing”, “Stay” and “Bitter Tears” which are more ordinary melodic guitar-based rock songs with a touch of Scandinavian sadness.

My main problem with the album is the length; they could have easily left out some of the weaker songs. The lyrics are about love, which is something I hate. But if you look away from those things, the rest of the album is a great melodic rock experience with a band that has a great singer and solid material that lasts for a long time. All older fans of Naughty Boys are gonna be glad to hear this album, but I’m sure that fans of melodic hardrock/rock will be satisfied with R U NAUGHTY ENOUGH as well.

Micke Sandvik – lead vocals

Jonas Ludwigson – drums

Robert Norberg – bass

Hasse Olsson – guitar

Morgan Valentin – keyboards

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Only God

I Will

After The Rain

Trail Of Tears

Last Man Standing


Close My Eyes

Bitter Tears

Is This Love

Learn To Fly

Nothing Can Bring Me Down

2 Worlds Collide

Something to Believe In