GORGOROTH’s Satanic Agenda

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Gaahl and King photo by NAMTARU CREATIONS


Man these guys are a sight to behold. Even if you are not into their brand of black metal, listening to their interviews is entertainment in and of itself. I’m not “Mr. Black Metal” but something about this band, their “Satanic Agenda”, and band leader Gaahl is captivating.

Gorgoroth hails from where else but Norway….Bergen to be exact. Although the band has only attained international attention in the past few years, their beginnings trace back to the early 90’s. In 2006 the band was nominated in the metal category in Norway’s version of the Grammy’s. You’d never see a band like that nominated on this side of the pond, but hey, we did have King Diamond nominated this year so it’s not all bad.

Gaahl in Hamar, Norway 2005 by Lars Harald Kristiansen

 Gaahl in Hamar, Norway 2005 by Lars Harald Kristiansen

In late 2007 there was split in the Gorgoroth camp – a sordid tale which has been documented in many news items and interviews you can look up.

To add to the fun, the band are fanatical about not having their lyrics posted anywhere online. Not sure what the deal is there….kinda hard to promote your left hand path without publishing your message in your lyrics I think?! But maybe this just adds to the band’s mystique?!

Head to www.myspace.com/gorgoroth to hear some of their music. Personally, I think the song “God Seed (Twilight of the Idols)” kicks serious ass!

In 2007 there was a 5-part series done by VBS on Gorgoroth and the "insanity" of Gaahl. Thanks to Rory over at VICE/VBS.net we are pleased to present you with part one of this five part documentary. Check it out below and then follow the links to their site to view the other episodes.

Part 1 – The Bergen black metal scene 

If you enjoyed that, here are the other episodes of the documentary:

Visit the official Gorgoroth website at www.gorgoroth.org. Thanks to VBS.tv for the video!


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