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It is time to once again talk to musician and producer Lord K for an update on what has happened with The Project Hate who have recently released a new CD called “In Hora Mortis Nostra”. So here are some questions about the new CD, the new label, and also some questions about Lord K’s other band, God Amongst Insects.

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Lord K for providing the promo pictures

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Hi Lord K, how are you doing today? Are you ready for a in-depth and close up interview? Let’s start right away…

I’m doing mighty fine, Just created the last riff for the 7th and last song for our next album, but more of that later. Let’s get on with the show.

Let’s start with your new album IN HORA MORTIS NOSTRAE that’s recently been released. When did the work on that album began and how long did it take to get the album ready?

I can’t really remember when we started writing for “Hora”, but I don’t think we spent all too long on it. We just had quite a break in between the writings, but as soon as we started creating “Hora” it went pretty fast. It usually does. I think we worked over a few months in total with it. Then I count from start to finish and we didn’t work every day with it. It ended up being a fantastic album anyways, just like we knew it would.

cover_In hora mortis nostrae_1.JPG

You have produced the album, what’s it like to produce your own band, what’s the positive/negative side with doing that yourself? And what is your strength as producer?

I wouldn’t say that I’m a producer of any fucking kind actually. I just know how I want it to sound in the end and that’s where the “producer” role comes in. I don’t think there’s a better guy to determine what we should sound like than me since I create most of it in my home studio, you know. I have absolutely no idea if I could produce another band and it’s of no interest to me. I just put my heart and soul into TPH and that’s all that matters in my world. If you only knew how much time I put into what we are creating, you’d think I’m fucking insane. I’m not; I’m just a perfectionist when it comes to TPH and my delivery music wise.

You have written the material together with the rest of the band, what are the lyrics about this time and why have most of your songs such long titles?

I always liked long titles for some reason, but they shouldn’t be too fucking long, you need to be able to remember them quite easily. When it comes to the lyrics it’s the same thing as always, Declaring the annihilation of everything that is holy. The lyrics are definitely important to me and I think it shows that there’s some time and effort put into them.

Where do you find inspiration to write music?

It’s all in me and around me. Everything inspires me in one way or the other. It just pops up. It’s never forced, it just flows. You can’t sit down and feel that you HAVE to create something, that way it won’t turn out as good as I want it. I only write when the inspiration is there. And believe me, it’s there often.

The members in TPH live all in various parts of Sweden, do all members come to the studio when it’s time to record or do you send out demos to everyone and they do their parts in different studios?

We usually record in different places. Nowadays I record all my guitars in my home studio. Michael records in his. The drums and vocals are recorded in different studios. We do it this way because it’s easy as fuck with today’s technology and there’s simply no reason to go away to a studio somewhere and spend a month isolated there. I don’t like that. I wanna work in my own pace and feel no limitations with time or deadlines. It’s all a process to make what we do the best fucking thing possible when we are done. I can’t imagine any other way do albums now. With the next album we will take even more time with everything, not because we have to but because we can. I look forward to it to say the least.

You have also again mixed/mastered the album together with the legendary Dan Swanö, how is it to work with him?

I have known Dan for so long now and it’s always fantastic to work with him. He’s a killer guy and he so understands my vision when it comes to TPH. He makes a lot of stuff within the songs that really makes me fall off my chair when I hear them the first time. It shows that he really enjoys taking on something as massive as TPH. He can let all of his creativity and knowledge flow all out with us. I always wanna record with Dan, simply because he’s a terrific guy who completely understands what we are about and what we wanna achieve.

You have a new edition on drums. Mojjo has joined the band. How did he end up in the band?

Bassist Michael plays with him in Engel and said to me that if I wanted real drums for the next album – Mojjo would be the man to do it. He’s a great fucking drummer and he definitely plays the shit I have programmed to such an extent it’s scary. I love having Mojjo onboard and I hope he’s with us for a long fucking time. Mojjo actually smiled at me after he put down the last album’s drums and said “next time, can you please make the stuff I have to play a little harder”, hahaha… He certainly has to eat those words with the next album coz I haven’t exactly made shit easy for him now…

I think the edition of a “real” drummer makes a huge difference when you listen to the album. I think the drum parts sounds much better now compared to when you had programmed drums. What do you think?

The sound is different since the drums are now natural, but the actual playing is like I programmed it. Being a drummer originally, I know how I want the drums to be played and Mojjo sure fucking delivers according to what I put down on the demos. It feels great having a guy like him playing the shit; you can never replace a human drummer with a machine, no matter how tight the actual drummer is. Flesh and blood will always beat machinery.


Jonna Enckell contributed to the title of the album, what did the rest of the band think of that title?

We all agreed on it in an instant. I love that title and I think its fucking excellent that she came up with it. I never thought we’d use something Latin for an album title but those words just sums up what it’s all about. I love it and who knows, maybe we’ll go Latin again in the future.

THP_Jonna Enckell_promo.JPG

You have a few guest appearances on the album. What can you tell us about those performances?

Yeah, we sure have a bunch of friends doing guest spots on “Hora”. It feels fantastic to have so many excellent musicians playing shit in our songs. They all add something special to the already fantastic stew. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them end up doing more guest work with us on future albums. I thank them from the bottom of my heart, and if you wanna know who plays what on “Hora”, I suggest you check out some of the promo videos on YouTube or buy the actual album.

THP_Lord K Philipson_promo.JPG

Marko Saarelainen has made the cover art-work; do you think that it represents the album well? What do you think of the cover?

I absolutely love it. Marko’s been with us for so long now and he’s the invisible member of the band. We can never thank him enough for all the work he’s doing for us all the fucking time. I’m so glad we have the honor to work with him coz he knows TPH as much as we do ourselves. I love the cover to the fullest and it represents the message completely. Marko always asks for titles or lyric lines before creating something and then he goes from there. I can’t wait to see what he’ll cook up for the next one. Marko deserves more recognition coz he’s a fucking excellent designer by all means.

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You dedicate the album to the late musician/producer Mieszko Talarczyk. Were you guys close friends and did you ever work together?

I wasn’t close friends with him, but we knew each other since we did record some past TPH albums with him. He actually made us step up on our third album and it’s definitely thanx to him that we did what we did on said album. He worked really hard with us on it. Not to forget, that piece has one of the best productions I have ever heard.

Most artists consider their latest album to be the best one yet, what do you think of IN HORA MORTIS NOSTRAE, is it your best album so far?

Absolutely, But let me put it like this; if we were to put out a Best Of disc, there would be songs from all albums included since there are favorite tunes on every track, even if I prefer “Hora” as the strongest overall. It’s a mighty, mighty album that one.


Have you read any reviews in media about the album, what does the press think of it and do you care about what media think?

I read what I get my hands on and I seriously don’t give much thought to the fact if they like it or not. What’s important is that they took the time to listen to it. We can’t be liked by everybody and I never thought we would be. That’s not why we are doing this. First and foremost we create this because it’s everything I personally want to hear in music. It’s great if someone likes it, not that it would change my approach one bit if they didn’t. I don’t bother with that. As long as I love what we are doing I know I have gone out of my way to create something that temporarily stills my hunger. As always, the reactions are mixed and I think I prefer it that way coz I would never want to create something that everyone liked. What would be the point? The challenge is the game. And I’m the fucking referee.  

Is the album released world wide yet? If not when will it be?

Nope, it’s not released world wide and I guess it’ll never be. We are on a small fucking label with limited resources, so hey… It’s not any different compared to the past; we always dealt with small labels, some better, some worse. In the end it’s all the same. StormVox are doing as much as they can, I guess.

You have been able to purchase the album through your website since a few months but when was it exactly released?

September 19th as far as I know, I have yet to see it in the stores though, but that’s not StormVox’s fault but the distribution thing, Playground. I’m too used to this situation so I can’t say I have high hopes and I don’t care too much; I have the album and that’s nice.

There are no bands within your genre that sounds like TPH, are you happy with what you have achieved with the band and do you think you have a unique sound that’s hard to copy?

I don’t think we would be hard to copy, the hard part is to be unique and come up with the style, something I am very proud of being responsible for. I have said it before: we might sound like a million bands but there’s not one single band that sounds like us.

According to your website you have started to work on your next album, what can you reveal about that one so far? Have you come a long way in the writing process?

You could say that, ha ha… As of yesterday we finished writing the material for the 6th album. Now I have to dive into the lyrics and then I’ll start putting down the guitars. If you liked what we have created so far, there is a chance you’ll wanna sleep with us after hearing what we are cooking up this time around. I have never heard better music in my entire life.

Can you reveal any titles yet? And when can we expect to find that album in stores?

There are no titles yet and hopefully this album will see the light of day in 2008. Fuck knows I’ll start putting down the guitars as soon as I’m done with everything else, such as lyrics and small details.

You said the last time I talked with you that you didn’t like to tour. Do you think that you are gonna do any tour or single live show now that the new album is out?

I have no fucking idea. Maybe, maybe not. Don’t count on it. Fuck knows I don’t.

Are there any plans on doing/releasing a DVD so that fans can experience TPH up close and personal with the thought of that you do not tour?

What the fuck should that DVD consist of since we don’t play any gigs. As good looking and awesome as we are I think the idea of us 6 sitting in a sofa chatting while drinking beer would be tiresome after like 25 seconds.

Is there gonna be a release-party for the album? If so when and where does that take place?

We already had a release party for “Hora”. That was some months ago and it was the first time all of us were in the same room at the same time. Well, Jo wasn’t there thanx to work but hey, it was close to all of us anyways. We’ll throw another party for the next album; hopefully e will all be there then. We better take some group shots then coz fuck knows when we will meet up all of us the next time, ha ha…

Most of the members in TPH are involved in other projects/bands besides TPH, what do you think of that?

They all play in great bands and it doesn’t interfere with TPH since we don’t tour. They can do anything they want with their respective bands, they just need to put aside a few days every second year for the recording of our new material. It all works fine and shit. I wish all of the bands a hell of a lot of success coz they deserve it. It’s not like I’m not involved in other things as well, ha ha, even if my heart is in TPH.

Do you think that TPH is gonna be more active now that you have a new label that’s backing you up?

We are as active as ever. But no, you won’t see us touring anytime soon, if that’s what you are referring to.

Do you think that TPH has gone through any musical developments on the new album, if so in what way?

On the upcoming one, you’ll see… We have some surprises in store for you… On “Hora” it’s the same as always, only more of everything. Perfected. More intense. Darker. More beautiful. We know our concept and we stick to it.

cover_Armageddon march eternal_2.JPGcover_Hate dominate congregate eliminate_6.JPG

Did you think that TPH were gonna be active for so many years and deliver albums for more than 8 years?

I never thought about that actually. I don’t plan our career, I just create music and thank the guys for being there all the time, fulfilling my vision. We are almost at the 10 year mark now, not 8… It’s fantastic. There’s not one band in the history of metal that’s succeeded with releasing nothing but awesome albums year after year, except for us. Damn, we are special.

cover_Killing Hellsinki_8.JPGcover_When we are done your flesh will be ours.JPG

cover_Cybersonic superchrist_.JPG

Last year you re-released the 1998 album INITIATION BLASPHEMY. What can you tell us about that re-release and where is this album released?

It’s not out yet but it’s going to be released thru Vic Records some day this year. At least that’s what they are telling us. This album was never released actually; it’s being launched now, 10 years after it being recorded. It’s cool coz it shows where TPH came from, hence the title of the damn thing.

cover_Deadmarch - Initiation of blasphemy_4.JPG


Last time I talked to you, you were not signed to any label but now are you on StormVox Records run by the actor Peter Stormare. How did you end up on his label?

Jörgen met him while he was playing the Opera with Entombed. Some time later J gave him some TPH albums and he obviously liked what we did. I ended up discussing stuff with him and eventually we came to an agreement. Him signing us is definitely a proof that what we do is nothing but insane quality. It takes a lunatic to understand a lunatic. Peter’s a fantastic fucken guy.

Was it he that specifically wanted you to sign to StormVox?

I held a gun to his head and forced him to sign us. Persuasion is a very underrated thing.

Are you happy with the work the label have put into the promotion for the album etc?

Haven’t exactly seen too much work but we kind of knew that would happen since the label is really small. It doesn’t matter though, what matters is that he signed us in the first place because he’s one of the coolest actors in the world and we are the best band in the world. A match made in heaven, or something. Fuck if I knew.

Where is your label located?

In the muthafucken USA somewhere.


How many albums are you signed for at StormVox?

One, we’ll see if we’ll do the next one for them. I wouldn’t fucking mind.

What do you think of your time at Threeman Records now that you look back at it?

Let’s just say I’m glad we are on StormVox.

What’s the difference between being signed to StormVox and Threeman?

StormVox’s got a cool fucking actor running the damn thing.

TPH line up_promo.JPG

Are there any plans on re-releasing your older albums on StormVox, I mean many of the older albums aren’t available at all in stores and on the internet.

We don’t own the rights to those so I don’t think that will happen. I would love to have a re-release, some box set shit, with all the albums with a new booklet and some other cool shit, but nope, not seeing that happening.

Stuff in general

Your other band God Among Insects is being put to rest after 4 years, why?

Because I’m tired of it, The fact that we made 2 albums and existed for 4 years is fun though, considering we were only to make one gig and then disband. It’s been fun but now I’m fed up with it and therefore puts it to rest. I will not miss the band one bit. Hell, the guys are all my friends anyway so…

You’re gonna do a farewell show at House of Metal in Umeå Sweden later this year, are you gonna record it or make a live DVD as a final farewell to the fans?

We will probably record it since we have pretty much all of our gigs recorded. I don’t think we’ll do a DVD and it’s definitely nothing I give a fuck about. The final farewell is that gig. When this interview is posted we probably already played it and had a lot of fun. R.I.P Insects or whatthefuckever.

Who own the legal right to the albums with GAI and are you gonna re-release them now that you’re gonna shut down the band?

I guess the Threeman label own the albums and as far as I’m concerned they can do exactly what the fuck they want with them. I don’t care.

Do you have any plans on starting up a new band to fill the void after GAI?

I’ll never start a band to fill any void after anything. GAI was GAI and that’s that. I don’t need any new outlet to fill anything; I do music because I love it and because it’s my damn life. When we decided to kill GAI no new band was planned or anything. On the way to a gig with GAI I and Tobben started talking about perhaps doing a new band, simply because we love playing together and we are best of friends. You can read the rest of the story at www.torturedivision.net. We are the shit.

Are you involved in any other bands or projects right now besides TPH?

Most of my time is dedicated to TPH, but I also do Torture Division now, as mentioned. That’s all, I think.

You have helped out the legendary band Grave, what were you involved in there?

I’m just helping them out with guitars for some gigs every now and then. I have known those guys since forever so helping them out is nothing but fun. As long as I have time and it doesn’t interfere with anything else, I’ll help them as long as my services are needed.

Are you gonna focus more on producing now? I know you have produced another band, what can you tell us about that band and album?

I have no interest in producing, seriously. And I’m not even sure of what band you are referring to coz I can’t remember I have produced shit but my own, hahaha…

You are one of the leading people within the extreme metal genre today in Sweden, what do you think of that and do you feel any pressure on re-inventing yourself again and again?

Just because I have been around for quite some time doesn’t necessarily make me a leading person, ha ha… I feel like I have to reinvent nothing. This is what I am and this is what I do. I’m not trying to please anyone or go out of my way to make people think “damn, he’s reinventing himself again, impressive”. This is just what I am and how I work. If people appreciate what I do – that’s fantastic. If they don’t – fantastic. As long as they have an opinion about it, that’s fine with me. But hey, I like the idea of being the shepherd better than being the sheep.

You are pretty active in the TPH web-forum, what’s the most common question you get by fans?

“When will you play live” or 500 variations of the same question. I’m quite sick of that one. And I’m sure it’s not too fucking hard to actually understand that we are not planning to play live since we say it all the fucking time. If it happens, it happens. In the meantime, please ask something else.

Are you happy with what 2007 had in store for Lord K and for TPH?

I’m fucking stoked beyond comprehension. We made the best album ever made (well, at least until the next one) and my economy was good so I could afford to buy some equipment. Yeah, 2007 was fucking great actually.

What are your plans for 2008?

My priority is first and foremost to record the next album. After that I will hopefully be playing some gigs with Torture Division as well as record another demo or two. I’m positive that 2008 will involve a lot of music for me. Damn, I forgot, it’s like that every year. Oh, and I guess I’ll have to work a little as well coz it’s not likely that the music will pay my bills.

Well, that’s about it for this time, hopefully I will have another chance to talk to you the next time an album signed Lord K is being released, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer all my questions, do you have any final words of wisdom for the fans and readers?

Thanx a lot for the support and all the kind words. I have to go on being a leading person now and wake my girl so she can make me breakfast. Hail Satan.


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