Ted Poley – Smile

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Ted Poley


2007,Frontiers Records/Zink Music

Rating: 2.5/5

Poley joined Danger Danger in 1988 and formed Bonemachine in 1994.  He released two studio albums and one live album with them before moved on and joined the band Melodica. He rejoined Danger Danger in 2004 and released his first solo album in 2006. His solo album COLLATERAL DAMAGE was very well-received – so much so that Frontiers Records contacted him and proposed he follow up his solo debut.

If you’re into Danger Danger, you’re gonna love SMILE which contains well-played melodic rock. Poley takes control of the soundscape from the very beginning alongside the omnipresent keyboards. Poley’s musical influences on this album seem to be Journey, Foreigner or Survivor.

The album contains 12 songs, one of which – “If I Can’t Change Your Heart (Then Let Me Blow Your Mind)” – is featured twice; Its first instance is 5 minutes long, but it reappears as “Reprise (If I Can’t Change Your Heart)”, at half the playing time and totally acoustic with strings.

Poley wrote the album with Tom and James Martin (Khymera, House of Lords), but I can’t say that I’m impressed by the material. It’s well-executed by standard melodic rock standards, but most of the songs are about love – a topic which is a bit old at the moment. This is an ordinary melodic rock album and nothing more. It might work when you listen to it as background music when you do the dishes, but it’s not an album that needds to be dissected and analyzed. It seems like I have heard this album about a hundred times before by different artist or bands. That’s how generic SMILE feels.

Ted Poley – lead vocals, b-vox, piano on “While It Ends”

JK Northrup – guitar, bass

Dan Zoid – drums

Eric Ragno – keyboards

Vic Rivera – guitar – b, vox on “Smile”, “Will Ya”

Gary Corbett – keyboards on “More Than Goodbye”

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Waiting Line

Going Blind


What If She Know

More Than Goodbye

Luv On me

If I Can’t Change Your Heart (Then Let Me Blow Your Mind)

Why Can’t We Pretend It’s Over

Life Keeps Spinning Me Around

Where It Ends

Will Ya

Reprise (If I Can’t Change Your Heart)