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Back in the early 90’s when the underground death metal scene was strong and vital. Several obscure death metal bands were formed all around the world and demotapes were spread thru tape trading. One of these obscure death metal bands was Sinoath from Italy. The band’s first demo FORGED IN BLOOD, released 1991, was quite Nocturnus influenced death metal. The demo was praised and was spread thru tape traders like wildfire. Due to several line-up changes and finally the eccentric full-length finally led to the demise of Sinoath. A few years ago the original surviving member Salvatore Fichera resurrected the old band from the ashes. After hearing new songs on their Myspace page, it was more than obvious I had to get in touch with Salvator to find out about the rebirth of Sinoath.

Good day to Gravina Di Catania, Catania in Sicilia. How’s it going down there in Italy ?

First of all I want thank you for the interview. Here it’s  all good beautiful sea, beautiful sun, beautiful women… To say it with a few words : perfect !!!



SinOath gained a cult following in the underground scene of the early 90’s, but disappeared in the mid 90’s. But now SinOath has arisen and is working on the full length album. I think we could start the interview by focusing on the upcoming SinOath release and then take a glance at the past. According to your bio you have worked incredible three years on the new SinOath material and ended up having 55 minutes of cold metal in the Sinoath way, I can’t help asking why it has taken so long time to process the new material ?

Three long years are intentional in order to end the album, this doesn’t depend on the construction of the songs, but it is very difficult  to find musicians. We  have lost time with peoples very strange ,  but at the end  we are resolutions to realize something that was worthy of the FORGED IN BLOOD cd

The new release is titled UNDER THE ASHES, did you include every single song worked on and composed during these three years ?

We have only excluded a song of approximately ten minutes, did not play in study perhaps will be  resumption in  the future

Have you thought of re-doing some of older songs from the older releases such as the first demo or the STILL IN THE GREY DYING mcd ? In general have you seriously considered re-doing and re-recording the older material ?

Currently we have not considered this possibility, we have prefer concentrating on the new material (much best to us) but in the future it’s possible that we re-record some old classics songs

There are four songs available in the official Sinoath myspace, do you think those songs uploaded to the site present in the best way what Sinoath represent nowadays ?

Well or badly, but you must know that on my space it’s not possible to publish long songs, and some of the new songs  exceed the 8/10 minutes so for this reason it’s not published on my space ..but this songs kick ass !!!

The album will be put out by Elegy Music run by you, why did you decide to release the 179921.jpgalbum on your own, I am sure several labels must have shown their interest toward SinOath anyway, right ?

We have sent promo to the greater independent  labels, but no interesting answer therefore since we had to choose for one small label, so…I have preferred ours

Frankly what made you form the label of your own ?! Having self control over the business issues or financial matters ?

The elegy music has been existing from 1996, it’s a records label and a distribution mailorder company, I’m into the underground by now give beyond 25 years… it’s a job and a  passion

The previous full-length album titled  RESEARCH came out back in 1995 by Polyphemus as far as I know, but obviously the distribition wasn’t any that organized to achieve every place. Or what happened to the album after all ?

This album  was distributed all over the world, by Polyphemous rec and Nosferatu rec , but unfortunately not had the just  press campaign that would be served to support the album and therefore it has not had the just resonance , beyond that fact that was one style a lot different from the past

As to the RESEARCH album, it has been criticized mostly in a negative way.  How do you feel about the time after several years even though you weren’t involved in the making and writing of the album ?

I can understand the disappointment of the old ones fans when  RESEARCH was released. It was a completely different sound and style  album from forged in blood and still in the grey dying… ma as you have said, I not was in the Sinoath during Research…..

the only important thing for me it’s  the present..under the ashes it’s  a truly good album truly Sinoath

After the legendary FORGED IN BLOOD demo, the second ouput came a few years later called STILL IN THE GREY DYING. What do you think of the release and did you manage to have your input into the writing process of songs of that release ?

I was present only on forged in blood, as charter member and now on the new album Under The Ashes… therefore I stretch to only play songs of these two releases, though not despising still in the grey dying and research.

Do you have legal rights over those releases to put them out via your own label and have extra and exclusive material as bonus tracks? Or are newer versions of both FORGED IN BLOOD and STILL IN THE GREY DYING available with the extra stuff?

We have released FORGED IN BLOOD as a cd plus 4 extras tracks. For the future we will not use old songs.

24487.jpg 24488.jpg


As far as I know the rebirth of Sinoath started out with your passion to write new music having similar elements to the old Sinoath sounds. Could you tell more about the rebirth of Sinoath ? Was it already an obvious choice in the rebirth stage that the name to use would be Sinoath, or did you consider other potential names for the band?

After having played in others bands not just metal,  I really wanted to  re-start  to start playing metal, and I asmuch as the name of the sinoath was free , why  not to use it? I could have called band in any the other way, but the music that I would have made would have been however the same one

When you resurrected Sinoath, did you approach the former members of SinOath and the former so called leader Rob Messina to find out if they are interested in getting involved in the band or what they generally think about SinOath’s return ?

I had asked the old members those that have founded the band to making this new album with me, but they were not interested, now I do not know what of it think rob Messina & Co

Well how did you find the current members anyway? And what kind of background do they have anyway ?

The new members are the friends of mine who played with me or in others bands in the same garage, theirs background is about rock of the seventies to the modern rock independent of the death black doom.

Where or how did you actually end up picking them? Can finding suitable musicians having the metal background a little bit difficult in Sicilia ?

it’s truly difficult  to find musicians that they play well, and without too many problems in head, this is one of the reasons for which Sinoath they have always suffered  to have stable line-up

Have these former members of Sinoath abandoned their metal roots totally ?!

I would not know with certainty, some of them still play, but I would not know what they do.



Having keyboards added in the death metal genre was quite rare at that time. Nocturnus was one of those bands having keyboards in the extreme metal.  How much were you influenced by Nocturnus in the first place ?

It was very difficult to find a second guitarist so we decided to have a keyboard player, the  idea we came to me listening to the nocturnus, but the difference was that we used the keyboards in way horror to difference of the nocturnes

In my opionion Sinoath has some horror music elements in the stuff, do you share this point of view?

We like a lot the atmospheres horror and macabre and in future this element  will be more present

Did having the keyboards become a  trademark for Sinoath as it gave the band a very unique sound?

I think  so , but we do not have limit to the future, therefore he could be also that we will not use to them in next album

You basically wrote the lyrics for the legendary FORGED IN BLOOD demo, and most of lyrics in my opinion tend to deal with occultism and darker issues for example “Black River Acheron" I assume dark sides fit in the best way to the music Sinoath ?

our lirycs in the past have been a lot dark and horror , but today also still writing lyrics horror, fundamentalally we write lyrics who approach again people to the paganism that is  the true culture and religion of the Europeans, we do not acknowledge not in the Christianity not  in the Satanism  that is an invention of the catholic church

Generally where do you get the ideas and topics from for lyrics ?!

In the events of every day life, and above all reading the history of our continent



The whole history of Sinoath has been plagued by several line-up changes. What exactly caused these changes,didn’t  members of the band get along with each other or did u have musical disagreemenents ?

As I said, here it is very difficult to find musicians, Catania is  one small city  hardly 350,000 inhabitants, thinks that this city so small has two of bands more important of Italy (schizo and Sinoath)it’s  a miracle!!! however in the Sinoath it is for musical divergences that characterial is always be much difficult one to have one band stable

I remember having heard or read that Max Blanco, who sang on FORGED IN BLOOD, was hired to handle all the singing and was then replaced.  Can you shed some light on this?

Max Blanco is a friend who gave us the courtesy of singing on Forged In Blood but had his own band the Quartered. After the recordings of Forged In Blood he is returned to his band

When you were forced to sit out of SinOath did it ever cross your mind to form an entire band as you pulled out of the metal scene quite totally? Was the departure from Sinoath a hard thingfor you to deal with?

It was truly hard to abandon the band, but it happens!! I after have concentrated myself in the drums  studies and played in progressive others band rock…. and it was not easy to find other people in order to make the metal that I had in mind

Are you anyway aware of what happened in the Sinoath camp led by Rob Messina ?

The later line-up of Sinoath consisted of members from Schizo and Iconoclast. Do you have any idea how they ended up to Sinoath ?

I would not know to say to you with certainty, when they have continued, I lead a life a lot distant from the Sinoath, but task that also they have had line-up problems after the release of research

Speaking about a band called WINGED, most of former Sinoath members such as Messina,l_1863197a5373c681069f5a28fb203caa.jpg Adrian Cucinotta etc have been involved in that band. Do you have any idea how they teamed up with Winged?! It seems like Winged is still around led by Loed AxlMato

For a short period when I and the founders of sinoath have had problems, they had continued with the name winged (rob messina ,adrian cucinotta, fabio lipera ), for this reason they are former winged members, but then I have decided to abandon the name of Sinoath , and then rob Messina, Adrian cucinotta I have continued with the Sinoath name, but fabio Li  Pera (the bassist player) continued the winged… now  lord axl mato has reformed  the Winged


You are from Sicilia, right. How  did you actually find the extreme form of metal in Sicilia? Is metal in general popular there?

Today the metal scene in Sicily has truly grown a lot. Dark Funeral played for approximately 900 paid fans. Also the bands are more numerous.

The Italian metal scene has had unique and one a kind bands with their own recognizable sounds and approach and most of them have gaine some kind of cult status for example Schizo, Bulldozer, Death SS, Necrodeath etc… These bands definitely created something unique for the Italian metal scene.. I assume you got influenced by them as well ?

We have been influenced only by   Death SS,  old Death SS, those until 1983 the rest of the bands that you have name are of the bands only that have created the Italian scene, but their sound it’s very different and distant from us

Do you still have an interest left to keep your open on new bands etc and check out what’s up in the metal scene ?

We follow the actual scene but we are interested only in creating our music, in the future you can hear from Sinoath a strange music , but in the horror vein obviously.

All right Gracias for the interview and hope all the best for Sinoath. Any last words?

Thank you  , and thank to all our fans in the world ..listen our new album it’s very very interesting ….. 


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