The Poodles Winter Hat-trick Tour KB in Malmö Sweden 2007

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The Poodles

Winter Hat-trick Tour




12/12 – 2007

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Pictures by: Anders Sandvall





2007 closed with the watching the Swedish melodic hardrock/rock act The Poodles live in action at Kulturbolaget in Malmoe. The band is pretty huge in Sweden and has sold a lot of albums here and in the rest of Scandinavia. It’s a known fact that the bands biggest fanbase includes kids and teens between 20 and down but that didn’t stop two old veteran Headbangers to check them out. Their latest release THE SWEET TRADE was released after the summer 2007 so it is really new.

Support act this evening were a Gothenburg based act called All Ends which I stumbled across many times during last year and I can say that despite the many times I saw the band they didn’t got better. All Ends performed for about 40 minutes and the change of gear went pretty fast and The Poodles entered the stage 22.00.

“Don’t Give up on Love” from the debut album kicked off the show, The Poodles are:

Jacob Samuel – lead vocals

Pontus Norgren – guitar

Christian “Kicken” Lundqvist – drums

Pontus Egberg – bass

Kicken had a gigantic drum kit along with two smaller backdrops on each side of Kicken portraying dragons which blew smoke out of their mouths. The hardest working members were Samuel and guitarist Norgren which used the stage to the fullest and ran around encouraging the audience to sing a long and cheer.







The show continued on with another song taken from the debut called “Metal Will Stand Tall”, after that came the first new song which is written by Mats Levén and is called “Thunderball”.

The somewhat tame approach the music has on the album is nothing compared to how the band sounds live. On stage are the band a heavy machine with a lot of stage experience which shows and most of the times I have seen the band they sure deliver a heavy melodic hardrock show, just as they did this evening. Their music feels a lot heavier, raw and meaner live and that is something I really hope the younger fans that were there also appreciated.


Samuel talked a lot in between the songs and encouraged us to sing a long in most of the songs. He also told us that this show was the last one for 2007 and he hoped that the fans were gonna be there in 2008 to support them on their journey. Samuel is a great stage personality with great charisma and charm and he also situates a great vocal ability that gets even stronger live.

One thing I thought was a little unusual was the set list, 7 old songs and 4 new were played which felt a little strange. I though they were gonna play more songs from the new album. On demand of the fans did the band play “Crying” from the debut and at the end of the song came a longer guitar and drum solo and despite all those drums I though that Kicken delivered one of the most boring drum solo I’ve hard for a long time, or maybe it’s just me that’s spoiled?





However did the show continued with “Seven Seas” which they recorded together with Peter Stormare that couldn’t make it there tonight because he were shooting a film in USA, the last song of the evening was the Eurovision Song Contest contribution and the bands breakthrough song “Night of Passion” and as expected went the small crowd crazy. “Night of Passion” was the last song on the set list and the last song for the night, a bit cheap though. The guys have now two albums to pick songs from and it I guess it sucked for the few people (100-120 people) that had paid for their tickets to see a one hour show. 

After the show went the band straight to the merchandize stand to sign albums and talking to the fans which was a great thing to do by the guys. It was definitely a great show with great musicians and some really good songs. The band did a great show despite the small crowd and they gave prove of that they are one of Swedens most hard working live acts and experienced musicians. The negative side of the evening was the price of the tickets, it was way too expensive for a family of lets say three people to get in and the very boring drum solo could also been left behind.

Set list

Don’t give up on Love

Metal Will Stand Tall


Song for You


Without You

Streets of Fire


Guitar Solo

Drum Solo

Echoes from the Past

Seven Seas

Night of Passion




Thanks to Edward Janson at Motor SE for help with press/photo-pass to the show.

Thanks to Tero “Pekka” Ristakoski for once again keeping track off the set list

Thanks to the nice staff and security at Kulturbolaget, always nice treatment when you come to KB

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 More pictuers from the show here