Magnus Rising

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Magnus Rising


Live at Junctions, December 29th, 2007

St. John’s, Canada



Live Review by EvilG

Photos by By Ashley Hiscock



On a cool Xmas night one of our city’s hometown hard rock heroes returned to Newfoundland to give us a “very Magnus Xmas”. The band has been out of the province some 5000km away on that other side of the country in Vancouver for a little more than a year. During that time, the band has written and recorded their new album COUNTING THE NUMBERS.


After a unmemorable opening band of alternative rock the crowd started chanting “Magnus Magnus Magnus….” It was nice to see so many people out to support a local band who play ORIGINAL music. There were at least 2 other rock shows in the city that night, a rarity in and of itself, so the fact that Magnus Rising had a respectable crowd was cool.

The band played for something over 2 hours playing many songs from their new album and from their debut EP from 2006.

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Since I hadn’t heard any of the the new album material prior to the show, I can’t give much of a rundown on the new songs played. There will however be a review the CD in the coming weeks so watch for that. One new song that did stand out was called “Crisis”. The reason for it sticking out is because it is faster and heavier than the typical mid-paced groove that the band focuses on. Besides the speed, “Crisis” features great leads. Another stand out was the the slower track “From the Ashes”. The guitars in this one are very cool with a solo section that is nicely melodic and has a few moments where you’ll go “wow!”. For me, the main thing Magnus Rising has going for them is the guitars and especially the leads! Even in a slower sometimes forgettable song, the solo will grab your attention. Many of the songs sometimes blend together with the mid-paced groove. I’m usually prefer a little more speed, but that’s just my own personal taste. The band does sound heavy, not in a brutal way, but in a thick grooving Black Label Society kind of way. The band’s last song of the night was a cover, being the only non-Magus Rising song they played! When they announced they would be playing an Ozzy song I thought bring on some “Mr. Crowley”, “Suicide Solution”, “Over The Mountain”, or “Miracle Man”…alas they made a very strange choice and played “Perry Mason”. It’s not a bad song, but far from an Ozzy classic. I think the real reason why they played it is because the style of that song is very close to the style of much of Magnus’s own originals.

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Since the last time I saw the band, they have improved as a live unit. The vocalist has improved his vocal strength and has a powerful mid-range voice. For the show this night, the band had to use a fill in drummer who reportedly only had one week to learn the set…yet he pulled it off as if he’d bene in the band all along. Impressive. I was informed that this young dude will be sHEAVY’s new drummer…so that could be cool. If you ever see Magnus Rising listed as the opening act for some metal show on the west coast, don’t show up late assuming the opening band will be crap, you’ll regret it!

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Counting The Numbers





Slow Collapse

Hang On

Business Man

Evidence In Safety

Shallow End

From The Ashes



Someone Died

Possession Of Saul Stone’s Soul

Blood Donation

Perry Mason (Ozzy cover)


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