Transcending Mortalilty – THE LAST HORIZON

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Reviewed: January 2008
Released: 2006, Self Released
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Chaosankh

Hailing from Australia, Transcending Mortality is a self-managed progressive/power metal-minded band. From their bio page, it seems that they have had some good fortune to play with other notable Australian outfits like Dungeon, Black Majesty, and Vanishing Point. THE LAST HORIZON is their debut album, and, unfortunately, it is a rather drab offering of uninspired, typical metal.

On THE LAST HORIZON these guys attempt to range into the realm of progressive metal by stretching out the lengths of their arrangements to seven to nine minutes frequently; however, the songs themselves don’t have the broad scope of good prog metal. Although long, most of the songs fail to change tempos or feature enough differing motifs to warrant the increased length. Because of this most of the good moments of the album come in the shorter songs where there are some good choruses and a lot of melodic guitar leads and solos. In fact, the lead guitar playing is perhaps the highlight of the album as most of the solos are memorable and distinct. The biggest shortcoming on this record comes in the delivery of vocalist, Mike Zoias. Although he has a decent voice (somewhat similar to Peavey Wagner of Rage at times), he fails to emote any feeling, which keeps the songs from grabbing the listener.

Ultimately, this album fails due to a lack of identity or direction. The songs feel dull and boring and do nothing to stir the listener. If you like melodic metal that is straightforward in delivery you may find something to like here. In the end, if these guys want to garner mass appeal, though, they will need to get some focus and some energy before their next effort, because this album is simply lifeless.


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Track Listing:
1. Beyond Remembrance
2. Into The Light
3. The Spiral
4. Veil Of Midnight
5. Twilight
6. The Dawn Of Defeat
7. Last Horizon

Mike Zoias – Vocals
Shane Linfoot – Guitars
Jonathan Talan – Guitars
Christopher Griffin – Bass
Matthew Shriffer – Drums