Steve Grimmett Band – Personal Crisis

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Reviewed: January 2008
Released: 2007, Metal Heaven/Border Music
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This project is the brainchild of Steve Grimmett, who is known from bands like Grim Reaper and Onslaught, amongst others. Lately he’s been singing in the melodic metal act Lionheart, but now he’s finally taking the leap into forming his own band. The line up includes a fellow Lionheart member and other merited musicians. Grimmett says “This is the most fun and enjoyment I have done in music and feels the material speaks for itself – some of the best yet!” Much of STB’s groove and music can be traced back to his work in Lionsheart and influences from 70’s retro hard rock. Grimmett’s voice sounds a bit strained and sometimes even a bit out of tune. He hasn’t got much power or strength left in his voice.
Guitarist Ian Nash is a busy man on PERSONAL CRISIS throwing out soaring guitar riffs and brightening up the album. His playing is honest, brutal and refreshing, though the album sometimes feels a little too melodic. I had hope that this could actually be something good, but I have problems with the material. The material is generic standard-packaged melodic hard rock/metal. The music seems to rely on Grimmett to save it, which he doesn’t; it needs someone who has the ability to lift it up and make something exciting out of it.
The album is a-dime-a-dozen and it’s not going to be a milestone in Grimmett’s long career. There are so many other acts that know how to deliver proper and interesting melodic hard rock/metal and the Steve Grimmett band is not one of them – at least not on PERSONAL CRISIS.


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Track Listing:
1. Karma
2. Wait For Ever
3. Freedom
4. Lonely
5. Afterglow
6. Enemy
7. Promises
8. Invincible
9. Strength
10. Wrath of the Ripper
11. Fallen

Steve Grimmett – lead vocals
Ian Nash – guitar
Ritchie Walker – bass
Pete Newdeck – drums