Pagan\’s Mind – God’s Equation

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Reviewed: January 2008
Released: 2007, Limb music/IntroMental
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

It has been two years since the Norwegian act Pagan’s Mind released their last album, ENIGMATIC CALLING, which got great media and fan response. Once again the fans are eager to see what Pagan’s Mind is up to. ENIGMATIC CALLING was followed by a lot of touring and festival shows. Once that was done, they sat down to write new material for this album. One explanation why it has taken them so long to get the album in order aside from the touring is that many of them are involved in different projects besides Pagan’s Mind.
The producer of this fine album is none other than Stefan Glaumann from Sweden, most known for his work with Rammstein, Evergrey and Backyard Babies. He has done a great job producing this progressive metal act. As always when it comes to progressive music, the songs are really long and include many different instrumental voyages; GOD’S EQUATION is no exception. There’s a lot of tempo and energy in the music and the focus is put on the lead vocals and edgy guitar riffs.
There are 11 tracks on the disc, one of which is a cover of the David Bowie/Brian Eno song “Hello Spaceboy”. As per tradition, the band also included a strictly instrumental piece: “Farewell”. And believe it or not, the band definitely succeeded once again because this album is even better than the previous one.
All of the songs are extremely strong and have the potential to become hits. It’s impossible to pinpoint any favorite songs as all of them are just as good as the next. Perhaps the cover and the instrumental song aren’t as strong, but they’re still really solid.
This is a 100% solid album and maybe the change of producer from Fredrik Nordström to Stefan Glaumann gave the band that extra spark they needed. Pagan’s Mind has surely taken the next step into the future with this amazing new album and they prove that they are one of the leading progressive metal acts in the world at the moment.
I dare say that GOD’S EQUATION is a modern masterpiece and I’m going to keep this album in my stereo for a long time. If you hurry up you can buy the limited version of the album which includes a bonus CD with rare unreleased songs and videos.


No Videos Available

Track Listing:
1. The Conception
2. Gods Equation
3. United Alliance
4. Atomic Firelight
5. Hello Spaceboy
6. Evolution Exceed
7. Alien Kamikaze
8. Painted Skies
9. Spirit Starcruiser
10. Farewell
11. Osiris’ Triumphant Return

Nils K. Rue – lead vocals
Stian Kristoffersen – drums
Jorn Viggo Lofstad – guitar
Ronny Tegner – keyboards
Steinar Krokmo – bass